Did You Know?

Parents control more than 70% of all domestic purchasing decisions.

of household purchasing decisions are influenced by mothers. (Source: Marketing to Moms Coalition)
of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them. (Source: Yankelovich Monitor)
of parents recommend brands they like to friends and family. (Source: MyKidsTime Survey)
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Are you confident that
your marketing is resonating with parents?

Are you spending time, effort and money on product development, market research or marketing that isn’t delivering the results you want, not translating into sales?

Do you have the right information to make decisions quickly? 

Do you need a tailored panel to help give you the feedback you need? 

  • Reduce your costs – only spend on the activities that you know are going to work to resonate with your target customer
  • Better return on marketing investment – no more wondering why that marketing didn’t work
  • Higher productivity – focus decisions on the right activities
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Get Actionable Insights

Let us help you get actionable insights from our large trusted panel of parents. 

  • Get the right feedback from the right people at the right time
  • Inform your decision making quickly
  • Save money with bespoke research at a reasonable cost

Access our wide and diverse panel quickly. Whatever the cohort of parents you want to talk to we can organise that for you quickly.

Validate what you are hearing anecdotally. Take your marketing, brand communications, strategy plan, and test that it’s resonating with your target customers.

Why are we different? 

Through our sister website, Mykidstime.com, we have built a loyal, opinionated audience of over 600,000 parents worldwide. From those parents, we offer trusted panels, combined with a unique research approach based on our brand and marketing expertise in the parenting space.

We marry insights to actions, we test and learn, and the in depth results that you get can be actioned quickly by your team to improve your business.

We help you to delve deep with our panels to get even greater insight and validation for key decisions for your strategy and marketing.

We shape all the research based on client needs, we use our robust and completely private platform, tapping into our trusted community for tailored projects.

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Get Started Now

To get started with your tailored insights project:

  • 1. Request a call so you can brief us

  • 2. We work with you to design and deliver your tailored project

  • 3. Use the actionable insights to inform your business decisions

What some of our clients say about us.

Ruth Ryan

This was a unique opportunity to learn from a highly engaged audience and to get some in depth feedback which we will be feeding directly into our content strategy. We can definitely recommend MyInsightsOnTime to any business who needs insights and feedback from women.

Ruth Ryan, SSE Airtricity
eveanna ryan

We found the Staycation Insights report from MyInsightsOnTime to be really useful, to have stats to back up what we were feeling and hearing anecdotally

Eveanna Ryan, The Connacht Hospitality Group
Irene O'Callaghan testimonial

The difficulty for us has always been getting information from the decision maker, the person who will make the booking. With MyInsightsOnTime we are getting to our exact target, so this allows us to make decisions based on accurate, current information. Some results showed us that the market is changing very quickly at the moment. Surprisingly for instance, kids clubs would traditionally have been a high priority for families when booking a break away. The results however highlighted that this is now of lesser importance for parents. All of this data allows us to ensure we are providing the right hierarchy of family facilities in the hotel.

Irene O'Callaghan, Clonakilty Park Hotel
James McCahey Eason

Working with the MyInsightsOnTime team made it quick and easy for us to get unique, in-depth feedback from their private, engaged panels. We will be feeding what we learned directly into our strategy for our kids’ books category.

I can definitely recommend MyInsightsOnTime to any business who needs in-depth insights and feedback from parents, quickly and cost effectively.

James McCahey, Eason
Lawrence Tran Tappity

As creators of a science education app, it was fascinating to find out how parents make buying decisions for apps for their children. The MyInsightsOnTime team not only quickly gathered this feedback but drilled into other areas which will inform our content and marketing strategy as we plan and grow our business. I would recommend any tech co. that wants cost effective, actionable insights from parents to contact MyInsightsOnTime.

Lawrence Tran, Co Founder, Tappity

Why work with us?

Our insights service helps you find out exactly what consumers want. We gather feedback and insights quickly to allow you to make decisions and plan your strategy with confidence.

We understand parents, especially women and we understand business. We are women, we are parents, we run a successful parenting website. We have built up significant expertise in engaging, communicating, and turning feedback into actionable insights.

We are not just data collectors, we are curators, it’s our analytical capability together with the integrity of our panel’s answers that bring unique value. We work with our customers to design and pose questions that prompt information.

We then distil these into intelligent insights and compelling meaningful actions that will propel brand success. We continue to monitor and tune iteratively to optimise outcomes.

We have worked with over 500 brands and businesses to deliver successful projects.

Research doesn’t have to be expensive. Every business is unique but getting answers doesn’t have to use up all your budget. Our project approach allied with our trusted panel and ready-to-go private platform means we can deliver bespoke research quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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Our Clients

Using MyInsightsOnTime means tapping into our international track record of results delivery for brands. We’ve worked with a variety of clients, in different industries, from retail to utility to childcare and education.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to uncover intelligent, valuable and actionable insights from engaged, informed and articulate parents for the commercial success of brands.”

Your Guarantee

We understand the challenges you face. When you work with us we will absolutely deliver the insights and data that you need to inform your strategy. We will work with your brand at heart, to help your business grow.

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