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We are experts in the consumer behaviour of parents.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach involves leveraging our sister brand Mykidstime (over 6M parents connect with Mykidstime each month) together with thoughtful parent panel feedback to deliver strategic and actionable insights for your brand.

Unlock Insights Into What Is Driving The Purchasing Decisions Of Parents.

We engage with parents directly and provide our clients with tailored insights that are brand and product specific.

Parents Are Integral To Your Sales

From Parents

Trusted, actionable insights directly from parents.

Online Platform

Direct engagement with parents through our private platform.


Expert consultancy delivering brand specific insights.

Results Driven

Actionable insights with measurable results for your business.

Parents control between 70% and 90% of all domestic purchasing decisions.

Did you know?

In Numbers

1 M

No. of parents connecting with our various channels on a monthly basis.

1 %

% of parents that trust our brand. (Benchmarked annually by Userneeds)


No. Of brands and businesses we have delivered successful projects for.

Still not sure?

Here are some of our most FAQs

We are a unique hybrid between research and communications. Our ParentsandBrands platform offers organisations access to digital insights projects and consumer reports but down to the level of individual feedback from parents. Our website and channels deliver digital marketing and communications to our highly engaged audience of 6M global parents. We help you understand what will resonate with parents when it comes to your brand, your product or service, then we can deliver that message direct to your target consumer.

We run tailored panels where we ask the parents that you want to hear from to give us feedback about something your business needs to make a decision on.

  • Want to know why your website isn’t converting?
  • Want to understand why a category sales are sluggish?
  • Need to find out which offer to go out with?
  • Want to know if a proposed product or service is one that consumers want?
  • Need information to show a stakeholder or a retailer what consumers need?

Our insights will help you with all of these scenarios and more. We’ve noticed that even when we’re asking panellists about one topic they get really interested in giving feedback on other aspects that can be really useful for your business.

Cost really is the main reason but also because traditionally market research tends to be very rigid, you can’t easily adapt what you are asking as you go along, it’s hard to get sense checks along a product journey for example, and the bulk of market research tends to be to confirm what you already know. We want to help you answer what you don’t know.

Because we have such a large community who trusts us and who actively want to give feedback to help improve the products and services they buy for their family and recommend to their wide network, we can put a call out for panel participants fresh each time. It’s not like a market research panel who will have the same people who answer over and over again. We use our community to recruit afresh and to the specification of each project.

We don’t remunerate our panellists either so they are giving feedback because they genuinely want to improve things and help the organisation, not because they are getting points or a free coffee. Parents who participate in projects with us genuinely care about making products or services that they buy for themselves and their family better.

Because of trust. Your project is safe and behind closed doors. It’s not in a Facebook group or on some 3rd party platform. We’re not using Zoom or Teams. Participants feel safe to answer and to give honest feedback. They trust us.*

Because of the way we run our panels, it suits busy people with busy lives, they can still give feedback but at a time that is convenient to them.

And you get your own dedicated client space where you can see how your project is going, view real-time feedback from parents, access key consumer reports in formats that suit your team, and more.

* We are benchmarked externally every year by Userneeds showing that 92% of parents trust our brand.

Because we’re targeting a key segment of consumers – parents who account for between 70 and 90 percent of domestic household purchases.

Because we come at it from the perspective of the whole strategic journey of a new product, entering a new market, launching something, reinvigorating a sluggish category, designing a marketing or communications campaign, deciding what offer you are going to to go to market with, showing stakeholders or retailers what consumers want.

Because all of these things need high quality research. and we can deliver this cost-effectively and quickly.

Because we don’t just hand over a report, we give you the wealth of our experience over the last 15 years of talking to, listening to, and understanding parents.

Of course you can go and commission research from any number of research agencies. Many of them offer strategic advice and qualitative research. Many of them give you high level reports that are excellent for understanding your sector, your category. But if you want to really drill into the “why”, if you want an agile partner, who understands your brand and knows exactly how to communicate your messages to key consumers, with ready made channels to share those on, then it’s a no-brainer. We’re here to deliver the feedback and insights you need to help you make even better decisions for your business or brand. Find out what parents think of your brand and your competitors direct from parents!

It is for anyone who is working either in product development, brand ownership, early stage/start up companies, marketing managers. It’s for anyone who needs to ask consumers something to help make better decisions and increase sales, and who wants that done quickly and at a reasonable cost. It’s also for anyone who wants to avoid wasted spend. No more failed product launches, no more poor results from marketing campaigns, no more expensive development that flops.

What outcomes and deliverables can i expect from a project with Parentsandbrands?

Results matter to us. We don’t get you results then you won’t keep working with us. When you work with us on an insights project you will receive high quality feedback from parents (all the verbatim) as well as highlights from what those parents are telling us AND actionable insights and recommendations for your brand or business. From start to finish a project can be as quick as 3 weeks. And for a very reasonable cost compared to traditional research.

You may be reading this thinking “well parents only buy baby food, nappies etc.” Stop right there. Parents are people too (link). If you’re a marketer or brand owner or a business owner who thinks parents are only interested in kids’ stuff, we’re here to tell you to think again.

Every single parent that knows and trusts our brand has a network. We can tap into that network if required to talk to younger, single people or older generation. We can even run invite-only panels. Work with us and we can reach out through our network to their network.

Through and our email and social channels, we’re bringing your message direct to parents. Those parents are key consumers and influencers for themselves, their households and their network.

We are results-oriented, we know that it matters how your marketing budget is spent and how it delivers results.

We can raise awareness, speed up building your marketing database and generate sales leads.

It comes down to trust really. It’s all about finding out what you don’t know. It comes down to our extensive knowledge and experience of this key group of consumers. It comes down to the trust that those particular consumers have with us that enables them to share their honest feedback and suggestions for the brand or business. It comes down to our expertise in translating that feedback into those nuggets of insights that will deliver results for your business. It comes down to us caring about our partners – we want them to succeed, we want the outcomes to be positive, to uplift your sales and help your business to grow or your organisation to achieve its objectives. By tapping into our community, by engaging with parent consumers, you’re opening yourself up to a huge network of potential customers easily and quickly.

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