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Parents control between 70% and 90% of all domestic purchasing decisions.

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Do you need to better understand the everyday purchasing and consumption decisions of parents for family life?

Do you want to achieve greater connection leading to increased commercial success?

We offer a direct channel to highly engaged parents for two way information exchange with brands, supported by customised expertise.

ParentsandBrands offers a unique combination of highly engaged parents and marketing expertise resulting in stronger connections between parents and brands, for mutual benefits.

Our expertise in mining actionable insights for result-driven communications, our 13 years of getting to know these parents and how to communicate with them…and the fact that we are also parents ourselves means we understand this segment intimately. We can translate brand communications and objectives into trusted results-driven communication and insights.

Our partners trust us with their brand. Our parent audience trust us to help them solve the problems in their family lives and direct them to the right solutions.

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Who are the parents you can connect with?

Over 6M global parents connect every month with our channels. We create segments from this engaged community to form tailored insights panels.

These are intelligent parents (they are not interested in clickbait or celebrity content!) who are looking for solutions to improve their family life. 

They give us daily feedback through our channels to tell us about their family lives, experiences, offering recommendations and opinions.

They want to connect with brands to help improve products and services.

Here’s one of our panellists: “I love that a company is asking actual customers for their opinions and ideas, and that’s one of the reasons I applied to take part.”

94% of parents trust our brand (benchmarked annually by Userneeds).

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What some of our clients say about us.

Ruth Ryan

This was a unique opportunity to learn from a highly engaged audience and to get some in depth feedback which we will be feeding directly into our content strategy. We can definitely recommend ParentsandBrands to any business who needs insights and feedback from parents.

Ruth Ryan, SSE Airtricity
eveanna ryan

We found the Staycation Insights report from ParentsandBrands to be really useful, to have stats to back up what we were feeling and hearing anecdotally.

Eveanna Ryan, The Connacht Hospitality Group
Irene O'Callaghan testimonial

The difficulty for us has always been getting information from the decision maker, the person who will make the booking. With ParentsandBrands we are getting to our exact target, so this allows us to make decisions based on accurate, current information. Some results showed us that the market is changing very quickly at the moment. Surprisingly for instance, kids clubs would traditionally have been a high priority for families when booking a break away. The results however highlighted that this is now of lesser importance for parents. All of this data allows us to ensure we are providing the right hierarchy of family facilities in the hotel.

Irene O'Callaghan, Clonakilty Park Hotel
James McCahey Eason

Working with the ParentsandBrands team made it quick and easy for us to get unique, in-depth feedback from their private, engaged panels. We will be feeding what we learned directly into our strategy for our kids’ books category.

I can definitely recommend ParentsandBrands to any business who needs in-depth insights and feedback from parents, quickly and cost effectively.

James McCahey, Eason
Lawrence Tran Tappity

As creators of a science education app, it was fascinating to find out how parents make buying decisions for apps for their children. The ParentsandBrands team not only quickly gathered this feedback but drilled into other areas which will inform our content and marketing strategy as we plan and grow our business. I would recommend any tech co. that wants cost effective, actionable insights from parents to contact ParentsandBrands.

Lawrence Tran, Co Founder, Tappity
james power agriguardian
As an early-stage company, getting consumer feedback for our planned app is critical, it helps to validate the market as well as feed into our planned tech development. We asked the ParentsandBrands team to get feedback from parents on their attitudes to risk for their child as well as what they thought of the app.

The level of feedback was really detailed giving us insight into this all important market consumer for us, we’ll definitely be using the feedback for our development plans, and for our marketing and brand strategy.

James Power, Agriguardian
michael craig irish life health

With ParentsandBrands it was great to know we were getting to hear directly from an engaged and honest group of our typical decision makers. It gave us actionable insights to go alongside our own internal and anecdotal data sources and an extra confidence in how we designed our proposition.

Michael Craig, Irish Life Health

Why is ParentsandBrands different?

Our unique hybrid service is a combination of marketing, communications, expertise married to qualitative insights. Our panel participants are not remunerated. They give feedback because they want to be marketed to in a better way. We put time and effort into nurturing the relationship with parents so you can tap into this quickly and easily. And as parents ourselves we have a clear understanding of the parent segment.

It’s about research design and interpretation that is strategically relevant and genuinely generates actionable insight in line with your commercial objectives.

While stats are important, we care more about the “Why”.

By getting new and better insights into this key consumer segment, and understanding the “Why”, you will then be able to build that all-important brand connection to get more customers, keep the ones you have and, ultimately, sell more to them.

  • Grow your brand’s market share profitably
  • Bring new products to market or enter new markets successfully
  • Get best results for your R&D and marketing spend

We are not just data collectors, we are curators, it’s our analytical capability together with the integrity of our panel’s answers that bring unique value. We work with our customers to design and pose questions that prompt information.

We then distil these into intelligent insights and compelling meaningful actions that will propel brand success. We continue to monitor and tune iteratively to optimise outcomes.

We have worked with over 500 brands and businesses to deliver successful projects.

Research doesn’t have to be expensive. Every business is unique but getting answers doesn’t have to use up all your budget. Our project approach allied with our trusted audience and ready-to-go private platform means we can deliver bespoke research quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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Our Clients

Using ParentsandBrands means tapping into our international track record of results delivery for brands. We’ve worked with a variety of clients, in different industries, from retail to utility to childcare and education.

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Our Mission

“Our mission is to uncover intelligent, valuable and actionable insights from engaged, informed and articulate parents for the commercial success of brands.”

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