[INSIGHTS REPORT] 5 Key Insights from Parents On Food Trends Arising From COVID

food trends arising from covid

This month’s insights are all about the topic of food trends arising from COVID. We asked parents from our trusted panel to tell us if anything has changed since COVID with respect to what they eat, how they try new things, what they buy etc. Read on to find out more about 5 Key Insights From Parents On Food Trends Arising From COVID and to download our free insights report.

food trends arising from covid

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This month’s Insights report has identified 5 key trends from parents on purchasing and trying new ingredients, changing eating and cooking habits and online ordering. To gather this, we partnered with Innovate Solutions who carried out an online survey, then ParentsandBrands ran an online focus group with our trusted panel on our private platform.

5 Food Trends Arising From COVID

An online quantitative survey of 19 questions was distributed via email during February 2021 to 393 Irish consumers across the country. The survey was active for 10 days and the total number of complete responses was 152.

Five trends came out of the feedback that are really interesting:

  1. Trying New Ingredients 
  2. Cooking From Scratch
  3. No Cooking At Home
  4. Ordering Food And Drink Products Online 
  5. Changes To Eating Habits

Key stats from Parents about Food Trends Arising From COVID

  • 73% of respondents have tried new ingredients since COVID and 84% say they will continue to buy new ingredients post COVID
  • 91% of respondents say they are likely or very likely to keep cooking at home from scratch post COVID
  • 65% of respondents like to order a takeaway when they are not cooking from scratch with only 8% saying they will buy ready meals
  • 63% of respondents say they will continue to order food and drink products online after lockdown
  • 59% of respondents are eating less meat since lockdown and expect to continue with this trend post lockdown

Online Focus Group Insights

An Online Focus Group was carried out on the ParentsandBrands private platform in February 2020 with 21 women from our trusted panel from across Ireland.

Here are some of the key insights and feedback:

Trying New Ingredients 

“I have actually ordered more fish through places now delivering (and the same with meat and new vegetables I wouldn’t have bought before). I have tried cooking with some fish that I never would have so that’s been interesting to try.”

Cooking From Scratch

“I have started (cooking) a few new dishes during lockdown, e.g. a pasta dish, soup and homemade bread. I will keep making those. I started making these mainly because there was so much posting on social media of recipes. I cook all the time at home anyway and this didn’t change that much with lockdown but as with everyone I sometimes get bored of the same things all the time.”

Not Cooking At Home

“I won’t be cooking at home as much once the vaccines are rolled out and the virus is under control as I intend going out on a Sunday evening for dinner and going out for lunch once a week as I did before. We don’t get takeaways. But even when lockdown is lifted, I won’t feel safe eating out unit I get vaccinated, so I will be cooking at home as much for the immediate future!”

Ordering Food And Drink Products Online 

“I ordered some spices to make a few different curry dishes. They were fab and made all the difference so I will continue to order them after lockdown. Also as a present I ordered a food hamper for Christmas and I would order one of these again once out of lockdown.”

Changes To Eating Habits

“I’ll definitely be cooking more from scratch. Pasta sauces, soups, curries – I would sometimes buy a jar for convenience but now I’ll be making the time to make my own. So much nicer and tastier. I’ll also be using my local butcher and fruit & veg shop more.”

Food trends arising from COVID Infographic

Key Recommendations for Brands

  • People plan to continue cooking from scratch at home post COVID. They will need recipes and websites and social media are the go to sources for these. What recipe content can you add to your social channels and website to encourage visits?
  • Online shopping has become more popular  does your online store showcase the range of products you offer and how can you encourage repeat orders and loyalty?
  • Eating habits have changed as a result of COVID with many consumers trying to fit in plant based dinner options more often. Let consumers know about your meat free options and give them ideas on how to use your products to produce tasty family food.

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