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We ran a two week insights project asking parents different questions about life in Ireland in 2022. We were curious about what parents think about different aspects of life in Ireland from health to education to transport to housing to cost of living, and more.

701 parents answered questions, actively shared their opinions and gave detailed commentary on the topic via an online survey.

We have compiled all the feedback along with key insights and actionable recommendations into one easily digestible report.

Dig into the full results and find out exactly what parents have to say about Life in Ireland in our report. 

life in ireland

“During the pandemic a lot changed for the better in terms of community, levels of pollution, number of cars on the road, people’s care & tolerence of others, working from home, etc. Ireland is reverting quickly to greedy & inconsiderate ways. Can we go back to better times please?

What’s in our report?

In this report you will find:

  1. Key Highlights
  2. Demographics about the respondents
  3. Views on Housing
  4. What Parents Think of Education
  5. Views on Cost of Living
  6. What Parents Think of Climate Change
  7. Views on Buying Irish
  8. What Parents Say About Transport
  9. Views on Healthcare
  10. Final thoughts on life in Ireland
  11. Key insights and actionable recommendations
  12. The questions we asked 
  13. Appendix with verbatim
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