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Do you need insights from key consumers to help your business? ParentsandBrands are giving you an opportunity to conduct research by way of directly asking consumers a specific question which will deliver feedback and insights to help your business.

Fill out our form below and one of our Strategy team members will be in touch to confirm details of the question, the date we will ask it and when we can share the results with you.

Here are some example questions that other organisations have asked parents through us: 

  • Have you explored options, outside of banks, for saving for your child’s future education needs?
  • In terms of outdoor experiences for the family, what types of activities are you looking for this year?
  • On a daily basis, how do you usually commute to work/get the kids to school? e.g. walk, bus, car etc.
  • Would you pay slightly more for a product made in Ireland vs a similar product produced elsewhere?
  • What is most important to you when booking family friendly accommodation?
  • Is there any pet product, service or equipment you would recommend to other pet owners and why?
  • What is your top criteria for purchasing white goods? (price, brand loyalty, warranty, service package, on offer, eco rating, colour, size)

To incentivise more responses, we recommend offering a prize eg a voucher. All those who complete the research will be put into a draw for a chance to win the prize.

There’s no cost, or catch to this, if you’re impressed by the consumer insights we deliver, naturally we’d hope that you’ll give us an opportunity to work with you in the future.

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