BABCO Delve Into How Parents Purchase Alcohol For Home Consumption

We ran a tailored insights project for international alcohol beverage company BABCO to get them feedback from parents around their alcohol purchasing habits for home consumption. We also ran a wider survey on cocktail consumption.

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“ParentsandBrands assisted BABCO in achieving a deeper insight into women’s views around cocktails & alcohol consumption for an NPD project. We obtained in-depth, qualitative consumer insights that gave us a clarity on what barriers prevented women in particular from recreating their favourite cocktails at home & what would encourage them to start making those cocktails. Consumer informed insights added immense value and gave us confidence presenting our new range to both retailers and distributors as we could prove that our NPD strategy was relevant to consumer demand and therefore required in the category. We achieved an immediate listing in Tesco.”

Mark A Wilson, CEO & Founder, BABCO Europe Ltd.

The Challenge

BABCO wanted to get consumer feedback for a new range of beverages to help with marketing, packaging and planning. In particular to understand how and what influences parents buying habits for alcohol for home consumption.

They wanted to find out what parents thought and to drill into their opinions on various aspects of buying in this category, from feedback on current products to what retailers could do to support and help them make choices.

What We Did

We ran a 2 day panel of 20 ladies around Ireland who were over 18 and enjoyed a cocktail.

We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary around home consumption of alcohol. In addition we ran a 4 week survey and achieved 554 responses.

At the end of the project we delivered actionable insights and recommendations along with anonymised verbatim data that BABCO could use for further analysis.

What Parents Said

“I like to try new brands, usually these are recommendations from friends and family. I have tried some new brands that I have seen on social media such as new variations of wine.”

“Price would be a big factor in purchasing alcohol. Ease of availability too, i.e. where I can purchase it. Also the size of the bottle.”

“I have never bought alcohol online or thought about it. It’s just easier pick up in-store with the weekly groceries.”


As with all our insights projects, this tailored group of parents were happy and willing to give feedback and their opinion. As well as insights on buying behaviour including instore vs online, the project also delivered key learnings about

  • new product development
  • factors and barriers that affect and influence buying decisions
  • other ideas to bring to BABCO’s partners to support parents on their buying journey

Would you like these kinds of insights from parents?

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