Bite-Sized Insights: Back to School Concerns

back to school concerns

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out how parents feel about their kids heading back to school after the summer holidays in a post-COVID-19 world. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about back to school concerns in 2021.

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back to school concerns

We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us what their biggest concern for their children is on returning to school this September. Here’s how they answered:

Comments from our panel members included:

“My child is doing the Junior Cert this year and has worked hard in class and online. However, I still feel she won’t be prepared for exams because some subjects were not covered online. After two years in secondary school, they are more like 1st years, and have to sit state exams. It’s worrying.”

“It’s just the situation is still uncertain because of Covid. They need their education and have lost so much time already. Mine are not vaccinated at present and I’m on the fence with this for them. Hard to know what’s the right choice we need to make for them. Also, no use of lockers, means an average of 3 stone weight in school bags.”

“At the moment trying to afford all the costs of back to school is my main concern. My two boys are both very sociable and academic, so I am lucky they both like going to school. I do hope there will be no further disruption to school as Covid numbers are climbing, it is a worry to me. Thankfully, both my children are vaccinated which does give me some reassurance.”

“Lack of close contact for teenagers – missing key development with exploring relationships.”

“As my oldest child is doing the Leaving Cert, I hope they know from the start what they are doing come exam time, and don’t keep changing their mind again.”

“As my daughter is an only child, I found she really struggled the last year with school opening and closing over and over. Think it’s time we’ve just got to live with Covid.”

“Concerned about primary school children not being vaccinated and not all secondary school children being vaccinated.”

“I’m hoping that they do not close the schools again and maintain the same low level of Covid infections ( I understand that it’s a school by school basis) however they have had enough disruption.”

“I’m nervous about the return to school with the Delta numbers being so high. None of my children are old enough for the vaccine but when available they will be getting it.”

“Will the children fall behind on their study? Can they take good care of themselves?”

Actionable Insights for Schools and Parents:

  • A key concern for parents regarding their kids getting back to school is all of the learning they missed out on because of pandemic related reasons. Delivering a detailed outline to children’s parents detailing revision plans for their kids could help to reassure them and their children.
  • Parents can help their children get back into school routine by creating a homework/study hub for each child at home. A set place where they can study and do homework, away from distractions. Get them to help create it so they want to use it. It is also a ready made place for them to do online schooling if the worst happens.
  • Keep talk about school and study positive. Many parents have expressed concerns about schools closing again. Children pick up on anxiety from parents and those around them, so staying positive will help them settle back into the routine of going to school and doing homework and study.

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