Bite-Sized Insights: Back to School Offers

back to school offers

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what kind of ‘back to school’ offers are most appealing to parents when they’re making these types of purchases for the coming school year.

‘Back to school’ time can be an expensive one for parents, especially for those who have multiple children of school going age who have to buy new uniforms, books, stationery, shoes, and usually all around the same time. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents value the most when in comes to ‘back to school’ money-saving offers:

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us which of the following ‘back to school’ offers appealed most to them. We gave them four options and in order of preference, here’s how parents answered:

  • 1st: Early bird discounts (up until the end of June).
  • 2nd: Free delivery
  • 3rd: Free extra (e.g. book covering, socks with shirt etc.)
  • 4th: Smaller discount that last longer (to the end of August)

A few parents chose other offers not listed as an option, including discounts at the end of July for uniforms and suggesting that early bid discounts should last longer, as many schools don’t issue book lists until kids finish up school for the summer at the end of June.

back to school offers

Any further thoughts on ‘back to school’ buys for the coming school year?

Comments from our panel members included:

“Offers are often too early. Kids grow so quickly I’d love a guaranteed price and availability for later in the year. I end up buying the now and next size just in case!”

“Back to school is spread out over the Summer for us, so no one particular offer, as I won’t be buying all at once.

More discounts on account of how hard the year has been.”

“I prefer a bit of flexibility and to spread the cost when it comes to when we buy for back to school. It always annoys me that you’ve to buy everything by end June to get it cheaper!”

“If someone could start doing ‘meal deal’ in back to school items it would be fab! E.g., ‘here is a selection of stationery and clothes, backpack included’ that would be perfect to get you off to the right start.”

“As the school list were late out last year the early bird discounts were not applicable. Discounts or special offers would be lovely for various age categories.

Have enough stock so that people aren’t stuck in August trying to get things. I always wait until mid August to see whether my children have taken growth spurt to pick right size to last them the year.”

“Any offers are really appreciated and I would remember the store that offers them in a positive light.”

“Some kind of package deals for each child, e.g. school bag and stationery at a discount with books.”

Actionable Insights for ‘Back to School’ Retailers

  • As ‘back to school’ can be such a costly time for parents, many have come to rely on and expect good offers from retailers. Offering good value is appreciated and remembered by parents. When putting offers together, keep in mind how your business can build loyalty with your customers.
  • One thing that came out clear in the results indicates that early bird offers don’t tend to work for books or uniforms because parents need to make purchases for these items later in the summer. School book retailers should consider extending their early bird schemes to July, while retailers who sell uniforms could consider releasing offers in August.
  • Related to the above point, many parents prefer to spread the cost of ‘back to school’ purchases out where possible, which why it makes sense to bundle certain items together in offers at different points in the ‘back to school’ purchasing cycle.

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