Bite-Sized Insights: Back to School

Back to School

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what parents are thinking about with regards to kids going back to school after the summer. Not surprisingly it turns out that the biggest concern is the uncertainty. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what else our trusted panel told us:

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Back to School is always a hectic time for parents, but this year the circumstances are so beyond what anyone could have imagined. Will schools fully reopen as planned? Will there be phased returns? What preparations should parents make as they get ready?

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to answer this quick question:

What is your biggest concern about back to school this year?

  • The overall uncertainty 73%
  • Other 11%
  • Juggling work and school 8%
  • Affordability (uniforms, books etc) 5%
  • All of the above 3%

Back to School

Some additional comments from our panel members included:

“I worry about whether the children will catch up on missed work. Also I have a child going into Leaving Cert and I worry how the exams will be structured next year. I think the 5th year students will suffer more than the Leaving Cert students did this year as they have missed out on too much and the exam needs to be reconsidered.”

“There’s the usual affordability concerns but the big worry is how it will be managed safely and whether the kids will be back full time or not.”

“Really wondering how my daughter will settle after been off for so long.”

“Don’t know whether to buy new uniform if my child is going to be at home.”

“As children are in the lowest risk group, it is important that they resume education ASAP. Teachers, like the rest of the community and professions, must take the same precautions as we all do. The risks and benefits must be realistically evaluated. Our children need to go back to school.”

“Have some books bought as there was a discount but am now left wondering if they will be needed so unsure whether or not to get the rest.”

Reflections for Back to School Sector

  • Retailers should consider keeping their usual discount offers running for longer as parents are unsure about whether to buy books and uniforms early.
  • How can you help parents with planning for back to school in these uncertain times? What content can you create to reassure and help them plan and prepare their child?
  • Add products like mini hand sanitisers and mini wet wipes in to the orders you send out, these are helpful for small people’s pockets.
  • If you offer a book covering service show the added safety benefits, ie. books can be wiped down easily after use or maybe include a handy pack of wipes with each book covering order.
  • Highlight products such as lunch boxes and water bottles that can be easily identified or have space for name tags so kids can easily find their own without having to touch others. Or offer free labels with purchases of school items such as uniforms, bags etc.
  • Most school textbooks have links that enable students to access them online. Share these with parents who buy the book from you so they can feel confident that even if their child has left the book at school, they still have that online access for at home learning.
  • Bundle offers for stationery as parents may need extra for home too.

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