Bite-Sized Insights: Christmas Pudding Comes 3rd for Christmas Treats Parents Enjoy

Christmas Treats Bite-Sized Insights from Parents

Bite-Sized Insights: Christmas Pudding Comes 3rd for Christmas Treats Parents Enjoy

For this week’s bite-sized insights topic, we were interested to find out about parents and Christmas Treats. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about treats at Christmas time.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us about Christmas Treats. First we asked them what their views on Mince Pies were. Then we asked them what was their favourite treat at Christmas time. Here’s what they answered:

Chart for Bite-Sized Mince Pies
Favourite Christmas Treats Parents Enjoy

The top 20 treats in order were:

  1. Mince Pies
  2. Chocolate
  3. Christmas Pudding
  4. Trifle
  5. Baileys
  6. Christmas Dinner
  7. Christmas Log
  8. Cheese
  9. Christmas Cake
  10. Ham
  11. Selection Box
  12. Mulled Wine
  13. Bread Sauce
  14. Coffee with Liqueur
  15. Gingerbread
  16. Hot Chocolate
  17. Hot Port
  18. Paté
  19. Pavlova
  20. Shortbread

Comments from parents included:

“A toss between a warm mince pie with cream or a tub of Miniature Heroes!”

Has to be Baileys hot chocolate with loads of cream.”

“Brie with cranberry sauce on Tuc crackers.”

“Hot mince pie with a dollop of fresh whipped cream😋

“I absolutely love every bit of Christmas. I’ve been eating mince pies since they came into the shops for Christmas (Nov 🤣🤣)

“I mean is there anything better than the Christmas Dinner sambo made with all the leftovers? Apart from that I always know it’s Christmas when I have my Nanny’s Christmas pudding or my parent’s trifle.”

“My favourite Christmas treat is a hot port with cloves and a slice of lemon. So nice on a cold day and it really feels like Christmas has begun when I have my first one! Happy Christmas to all at Mykidstime!”

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