Bite-Sized Insights: Dairy Products Top of the List for Parents Buying Kids Food Products

Kids Food Products

Bite-Sized Insights: Dairy Products Top of the List for Parents Buying Kids Food Products

For this week’s bite-sized insights topic, we were interested to find out about parents and what food products they buy for their child. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about kids’ food products.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us which kids’ food products they buy regularly (at least once a month). Here’s how they answered: 

Chart for Bite-Sized kids food products

We also asked “Any other thoughts on buying kids’ food products?Comments from parents included:

“When they are targeted kid snacks they are more expensive (like cheese sticks or raisin boxes) I buy blocks of cheese or large bags of raisins and give them kids sized portions instead as works out cheaper.”

“Individual packed products are handy for lunches and snacks but I worry about the environmental impact of these products.”

“I still buy kids size products for my teens for 2 reasons. They are still some of their favourites from from childhood & also for portion control.”

“I really try to prepare my own but sometimes you need the pre prepared foods. Snacks for kids are a waste I’ve found. Adult snacks have way less sugar and are much cheaper.

“Healthier school lunch box items rather than sugar laden ones would be more beneficial. Homemade ones can be made obviously but not everyone has time for that.”

Kids Food Products

Actionable Insights for Food Brands and Retailers

  • Seek to reduce the sugar content of your kids’ product and/or replace it with natural sugars. A growing proportion of parents mentioned they prefer products made from natural ingredients. Make sure you highlight these aspects on the packaging.
  • The nutritional profile of kids’ products tends to be the deciding factor for parents, even between branded & unbranded varieties. Make sure the health properties of your kids’ product are clearly communicated on the packaging. Consider getting a health claim to support the communication.
  • Parents told us that offers can help encourage them to try new products, so look at vouchers and offers that you can share through social media and on your website to help parents save money and to try your product. 
  • Want to find out exactly what it is parents want when it comes to buying kids’ snacks? We can help! Contact us to start your parents insights journey.

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