Bite-Sized Insights: Diluting Juices Still Top The List of Kids Drinks Parents Buy

kids drinks

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what kinds of drinks parents buy for their kids. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about buying drinks for the family.

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kids drinks

We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us which of the following drinks they buy for their children. Here’s how they answered:

kids drinks

Comments from our panel members on drinks for kids included:

“My kids don’t like fizzy drinks and have sports bottles that they refill with tap water for school and sports. We make smoothies at home and they are not keen on energy or vitamin drinks.”

“We only drink tap water and milk. Smoothies are bought very rarely as a treat for parties or playdates. The longer I can keep my kids away from drinking sugar the better!”

“We drink a lot of Diet Coke in our house not that healthy but what can you do.”

“I only buy No Added Sugar drinks for the younger ones.”

“I didn’t realise I bought so many different drinks. I’ll be cutting down!”

“I don’t agree with energy drinks etc. and think smoothies etc. are too expensive. You’d make nicer ones at home at a fraction of the cost. Fizzy drinks every now and again but not daily.”

“I wish it was more obvious on labelling that the drink you are buying has natural sweeteners, you end up having to scrutinise the back label and finding the ingredients.”

“Only buy them bottled water for lunches etc. but there is huge pressure on them to drink energy drinks BPM, Red Bull etc.”

“We generally buy dilutables that have no added sugar but do treat them to a fizzy drink the odd time.”

“On a rare occasion fizzy drinks are bought in our house. The 4yr old drinks water and milk and on occasion a milkshake, 17yr old would drink fizzy drinks more often if in the house, so just not got regularly.”

“Sparkling water with lemon slices. They think it’s 7up 😅”

“I will buy milk or juice with takeaways as a special experience but we don’t buy it for the home, I prefer they drink water.”

“We have a water filter system so most of the time they just fill their bottles with this, if we are out they buy water.”

“I only buy fizzy drinks as a treat – not every week. We have a water filter so we don’t buy bottled water. I encourage my daughter to drink milk or water with her meals rather than juices.”

“My kids mainly drink tap water but I do buy bottled water from time to time and they refill the bottles until they lose them! As a treat I sometimes buy them apple or cranberry juice, but I am aware of the damage these can do to their teeth. They do a lot of sport so if they have a match, I will buy them a smoothie or energy/vitamin drink to have to help with energy levels.”

“Don’t buy water but use filtered tap water at home. They mostly drink water, milk and locally made apple juice. We juice oranges at home. Occasionally will buy VitHit or MiWadi.”

“My girls aren’t particularly fond of fizzy or flavoured drinks. They love water so I tend to buy that all the time as they don’t like tap water.”

“I try not to give them fizzy drinks, they are only allowed on special occasions, just wish my husband would do the same thing!”

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Actionable Insights for Drinks Retailers:

  • Though mentioned a good few times in the comments, milk, a drink traditionally popular with Irish parents for kids was at the bottom of the list in terms of popularity. Conducting further research with parents could help uncover why this is.
  • Parents try to avoid artificial sweeteners when buying drinks for their kids. If your product is using natural sweeteners, make sure to highlight this asset as prominently as possible.
  • Added health benefits are appealing to parents when it comes to choosing drinks, particularly for their children. ParentsandBrands can help your business drill down into what’s important for this audience and make sure that your brand’s communication is constantly resonating with parents.

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