Bite-Sized Insights: Flying During 2020

Flying During 2020

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what they are thinking about flying during the rest of this year. It turns out most families have no plans to fly for holidays during 2020. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what else parents told us:

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For Irish businesses and services in the tourism sector, there is an unparalleled opportunity to win new business that, if you impress, could benefit you annually.

It will clearly be a tough year for airlines who need to use their marketing channels to reassure customers about what they are doing to keep passengers safe. While offers may appeal to a small number of customers, it is all about winning back the confidence of your target market.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to answer this quick question:

Do you plan on flying during the remainder of 2020?

  • I plan to stay home/holiday in Ireland for rest of 2020 48%
  • Really not comfortable at all with the idea of it so don’t plan to fly in the near future 38%
  • I have some reservations but I want to go on holidays so will probably fly 8%
  • I’m fine with it, can’t wait as I’ve really missed travel/want a holiday 3%
  • Other 2%
  • I won’t be able to (e.g. medical reasons) 1%

Flying During 2020

Some additional comments from our panel members included:

“If they get a vaccine I’ll book a holiday abroad. Don’t want to go on a plane before a vaccine.”

“I would love to go on holidays but the plane terrifies me – reconditioned air and no social distancing is a breeding ground for Covid to spread”

“Don’t think I’ll be flying in the near future will see how this year goes then decide for next year”

“Can’t wait to fly again but am very wary. Lots of places in Ireland that we have yet to explore so we’re happy to stay home this year and probably next year too. I would love a long weekend in London though.”

“I had to take my holidays that I had already booked from work and have used up all my annual leave now so won’t be able to take time off work for the rest of this year”

“I would go on a ferry sooner than an aeroplane, more space to move around & can pick where to sit or go outside.”

“Not flying but have a break to France that was postponed until September due to covid. Traveling by ferry so hopefully all will be good to travel then.”

Reflections for the Tourism Industry

  • Impress visitors this year enough with your offering and they could be repeat visitors, maybe not always for their main holiday, but throughout the year.
  • Focus your marketing to your Irish audience, there’s an opportunity to target new and potentially repeat homegrown market.
  • Go the extra mile for customers with things like free date changes (where applicable), etc.
  • A clear message on health and safety procedures is critical.

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