Bite-Sized Insights: Going Back to Cinemas

Going to the Cinema

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what they are thinking about going back to cinemas as they reopen. It turns out the biggest concern is around cleanliness. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what else our trusted panel told us:

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Taking the kids to the cinema is a popular family pastime. As a parent, I always check what new family movies have come out each week so we can plan a cinema trip for the weekend.

As cinemas reopen, we wondered whether parents were happy to take their kids back?

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to answer this quick question:

How do you feel about taking the kids to the cinema as things reopen?

  • I feel we can go if I am reassured about social distancing and hygiene 48%
  • No thank you, happy watching movies at home 32%
  • Yes I want to support our local cinema so it keeps going 12%
  • Prefer the idea of drive in at the moment 4%
  • Other 4%

Going to the Cinema

Comments from our panel members included:

“I think you should be allowed to bring your own treats in the beginning just to reassure people of hygiene and safety.”

“I’m concerned at the moment, very small enclosed space, sharing of toilets an issue also, child boosters, and would seats be cleaned between showings? Happy enough to watch at home for the moment.”

“Would be nervous to go. Always wonder about hygiene in the cinema at the best of times.”

“Don’t see how they can clean them to a safe standard so not comfortable going just yet.”

“It will be cheaper to take children since Pick & Mix and other foods will not be available.”

“I would be scared just at the moment especially going to see a popular film as it will be hard to social distance in a confined space.”

“I’d have concerns over how clean they would be. Cinemas are generally never that clean in the first place so we’ll be steering clear for the foreseeable I think.”

“Once social distancing and hand hygiene are in place, I am happy to go to the cinema.”

Reflections for Cinemas

  • As you reopen, reach back out to your customer base to let them know you are open again. Now could be a good time to do a special offer on kids showings again to encourage families to return.
  • Communicating the health and safety measures you have put in place to reassure (and encourage) customers that it is safe to return will be essential. What do you need your customers to be prepared for?
  • Instead of the usual refreshments such as boxed popcorn and pick-and-mix sweets, consider providing a range of fully sealed and packaged sweets and drinks for consumers to choose from, or allow them to bring their own.
  • Consider putting in place loyalty or discount schemes to entice families back and keep them coming.
  • Look at seating and how you could adapt it to ‘pods’ so 2 seat pods for couples and then 4 to 6 seat pods for families.
  • Consider screening some popular family films from the past. There is an appetite amongst parents for family films which can be seen by the performance of this piece content on our sister website “The Best 80s Family Movies” which jumped a massive 144% in views during lockdown!

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