Bite-Sized Insights: Family Festivals 2nd Most Popular Outdoor Activity for Families

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Bite-Sized Insights: Family Festivals 2nd Most Popular Outdoor Activity for Families

For this week’s bite-sized insights topic, we were interested to find out what kinds of paid outdoor events parents are looking for this year. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about outdoor family activities.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us in terms of outdoor experiences for the family what types of activities they are looking for this year . Here’s how they answered:

We also asked “Any other thoughts on outdoor events for families this summer?” Comments from our panel members included:

“Also any outdoor FREE activities and festivals that are free, as bills are effecting our family outings , we used to go out more and as a single mum of 2 young teens it’s expensive everywhere and extremely difficult at the moment.”

“Anywhere that can entertain different ages is great. Also somewhere that has toilets and a good cup of coffee on offer. And if we are on a day out, food options too.”

“We love outdoor pursuits, but often look for something “extra” to encourage the kids to enjoy hillwalking etc – fairy trails are good for the young ones, playgrounds too and animals to see or feed. Places with good picnic spots are a bonus, or a river to paddle in as it encourages them to do the hike with the appeal of a picnic or paddle in the middle. I love family festivals, but they can get expensive.”

“Would like to see more affordable and value for money experiences”

“Water slides are a particular favourite so the more outdoor (or indoor) water slides that are available in Ireland the better!!.”

“My 2 year old loves anything animal related. 
Its great to go places that have indoor and outdoor options in case it starts raining or is too cold to be outside”

“Love outdoor trails with maps & age appropriate information.”

“Cycling – Greenways. Would love to see more of them around the country!”

It can be difficult finding something for my son who is 11, a lot of activities are catered towards younger children. He is an adrenaline junkie – loves zip-wires, rollercoasters, etc…

  • Many parents mentioned how expensive a family day out can be. Offering bundle tickets could help to alleviate fears of hidden costs for parents.
  • Parents told us food and drink options are important to them when choosing outdoor activities. What can you offer in terms of take-away options and what facilities are in place for those who bring their own, i.e. picnic benches, covered eating areas outdoors etc.?
  • Parents are looking for activities to suit a range of ages. Highlight these options if you have them. 

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