Bite-Sized Insights: 1/3 of Parents Buy Brands They Know For Cleaning & Laundry

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Bite-Sized Insights: 1/3 of Parents Buy Brands They Know For Cleaning & Laundry

For this week’s bite-sized insights question, we were interested to find out what matters to parents when choosing products for household cleaning. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about laundry and cleaning products.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us what the most important factors are when it comes to buying household laundry & cleaning products. Here’s how they answered:

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We also asked What household cleaning/laundry products can you not live without and why? Comments from our panel members included:

“Fairy non bio powder (don’t like capsules) and fairy softener. Big fan of Aldi’s Power Force surface cleaner – lime and mint. Makes the house smell amazing.Also use Flash power mop for convenience (rather than using mop and bucket) but very hard to get refills which is frustrating.”

“Lily’s laundry liquid and good old fashioned soda crystals. The soda crystals soften the water so the detergent actually works as well as removing most stains. The laundry liquid has a nice smell unlike the overpowering usual synthetic smells in detergents.”

“Dettol surface cleaner the yellow one and Lenor for the smell of the clothes and kitchen paper to clean the counters tables and highchairs etc with Dettol.”

“My Stardrops white vinegar spray, I use it to get stains out of clothes, clean my shower doors, spray on windows to keep insects out & it even kills weeds!”

“Cif, I’ve used it for as long as I’ve been cleaning and my Mum used Jif before me! Also Tesco Granite cleaner, it brings it up lovely with no streaks. For the dishwasher, Fairy Platinum Plus (not the lemon scented ones) I used to use Finish but I found they didn’t always disintegrate fully, so tried Fairy and haven’t looked back. Finally for laundry I used to use Persil powder but switched to Bold capsules as the fresh smell lasts for ages after I have washed the clothes.”

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Actionable Insights for Cleaning & Laundry Brands

  • Offers attract parents to purchase, particularly if they are not familiar with the brand. Make it easy for potential customers to download a voucher through your social media and website to try your product.
  • Parents are interested in finding ways they can save time on household cleaning and laundry. Creating useful content that helps them with tips and tricks is a good way of building brand trust. 
  • Understanding what would motivate parents to buy and activate them to recommend is key, contact us today to find out how we can help. 
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We ran an insights project asking parents about using and buying products for cleaning and laundry. Find out Insights into Parents and Cleaning and Laundry and download our free mini insights report.

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