Bite-Sized Insights: 3 out of 4 Parents Plan to Spend on Home and Garden this Year

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Bite-Sized Insights: 3 out of 4 parents plan to spend on home and garden this year

For this week’s bite-sized insights question, we were interested to find out what parents’ priorities for their houses and gardens are this year. We asked parents to describe for us what they’ll be focusing on this year in their homes. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about home and garden.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us what their priorities are for their house and gardens this year. Here’s how they answered:

house and garden

Any other thoughts on buying for the home/garden? Comments from our panel members included:

“Bought a new build in 2019 and we’re gradually doing each room. Also that garden takes time to get it all done.”

“We moved house at the start of the first lockdown so we’ve been slowly getting bits done.”

“For the garden it will be just a few seasonal plants & some compost however for the house, I have to sort through & offload items before I can decorate one particular room.”

“My priority is to keep a roof over my head, try to feed my family with the high cost of groceries,  and try my best to pay my bills.  I do not have any money to spend on home/garden.”

“I took on a garden project last year and there was waiting times for materials /tradesmen so it took a lot longer than expected to get the garden sorted. This year I plan to enjoy the garden as it took so long to get it together!”

“We bought lots of things for the home and upgraded our garden the last 2 years during lockdown etc. so I’ll probably just invest in new plants and things to grow for the garden this year.”

“I try to buy seasonal items for both indoors and outdoors that will last a few years so I am not making purchases every year. In terms of the garden, I plant seasonal flowers etc. and they bloom at different times of the year.”

“I’m doing a lot more research these days before making any purchases for my home as prices vary so much. Items such as paint can be priced so differently depending on the shop. Giving the walls a fresh lick of paint is definitely on the agenda this year.”

Reflections for Home & Garden Retailers:

  • Over half of the parents we asked plan make changes to both their home and garden in 2022. Creating content with ideas for them to make improvements to their home, garden and patio spaces is a good way to be helpful and build trust.
  • Plants and seeds are top when it comes to what parents are going to spend on for their gardens this year. So highlighting child-friendly varieties that are easy to maintain and that the kids can get involved in helping to plant is going to make those products more attractive to parents.
  • Garden furniture and lights are also items that parents are considering investing in. If you have a good selection of these items, use your social media channels to highlight them through pictures and images to show parents how these items could look in their gardens.
  • Understanding which particular categories matter for parents for home and garden spend will be crucial, and we can help! Get in touch with us to start your parent insights journey. 

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Would you like business-transforming insights for your brand? Use our tailored panels of engaged parents and our dedicated private platform to gather critical insights to help your decision making and activate customers.  Contact us now to find how we can help.

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