Bite-Sized Insights: Parents are Keen to Sign Up to Family Mobile Plans

family phone service

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what kind of phone services parents and their kids use. Is anyone still using a landline? Are parents using the same networks as their kids for their mobile services? Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about family phone services.

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family phone service

We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us which of the following best describes their family phone service. Here’s how they answered:

parents and phone services


Comments from our panel members included:

“We are with eir for landline, broadband and two mobiles. We pay €118 per month and the broadband is not great. Hoping to get FTTH soon but I’m slightly concerned because it means giving up the copper line to the house. That means that in a power cut we have no service. The mobile reception is not great where we live. We live in the countryside but only 5 minutes drive from a national route. For such a small country we really should be fully functioning for fast and efficient mobile and broadband services. No excuse.”

I’m starting to feel too reachable and often wish it was like when I was growing up and we only had the house phone.”

“We use Three phone services for the family as it is economical for us.”

“Services should be way cheaper as Ireland is the most expensive country across Europe to have a mobile phone.”

“Still too expensive, and reception not great sometimes.”

“I think it’s really important to shop around for the best phone service deal as the prices can really vary. Taking a bit of time to get the best deal is definitely worth it.”

“If there’s no issue with reception or customer service, I would be willing to use any provider.”

“My partner and I have phones through work with different providers and my kids are on a plan with Three Mobile so they can get upgrades.”

“We keep saying we must all join same provider – 5 phones are expensive.”

“We only keep a landline as it comes with our broadband but in the new year are looking to move to mobile only.”

“The cost is still way too high for mobile rates. I don’t mind paying for landline service as unlimited fibre broadband is included and sense of safety with a landline in a house. Never worrying if one will have signal in the event of an emergency.”

“We all have the same provider but aren’t on a family plan.”

“I have a landline but it is with Virgin Media and it is free in my package. The phone handset that I bought myself is connected into the modem. All my calls are free so that is why I use it. No line rental either.”

“We get free calls to mobiles and landlines through our Virgin Media landline. Saves a fortune on credit.”

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Actionable Insights for Telco Brands

  • Parents expressed interest in the idea of a family plan for their family mobile services but very few of those we spoke to are actually signed up to one. There’s an opportunity there to attract parents and families to your network with family friendly packages.
  • There’s a perception among parents that it’s difficult to find a good deal for mobile services and that prices in general are too high. Could you offer a price comparison service on your website or perhaps emphasise your prices against your competitors’ in your marketing communications?
  • Parents are keen to explore options that give them the best value for money by bundling their household’s entire telecommunications package (i.e. broadband, mobiles and landline). Carrying out in-depth research with this segment will help uncover insights into what parents value in this sector. ParentsandBrands can help with this!

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