Bite-Sized Insights: Parents Prepare to Bundle Up in Response to Rising Energy Prices

rising home energy costs

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out if parents are planning to make any changes following the recent announcement that energy prices are set to rise next year. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents think about rising home energy prices.

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rising home energy costs

We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us if they’re planning to do anything in response to rising home energy costs. Here’s how they answered:

rising home energy costs

Comments from our panel members included:

“Honestly don’t know how I will keep the kids warm this winter. I’m getting very stressed about it. Even filling hot water bottles for them is now more expensive.”

“I’m really interested in reducing my carbon footprint as much as possible, so personally I am actively looking into changing to a renewable energy source.”

“With our weather here in Ireland, surely more could be done to move everyone onto green energy more quickly. If this was happening I wouldn’t mind a slight rise in prices. Also the government needs to look at their policy around data centres. I recently saw an example of the energy associated with these and it is frightening how much they need and the how they can affect the energy source for the wider community, with more coming as Ireland is the ideal climate for them, supply needs to looked at urgently.”

“I did look into solar panels but it’s still too expensive for an average income family. Which is exactly who these increases will impact the most.”

“Have smart plugs & LED bulbs, trying to make sure we turn off whatever’s not been used as much as possible. We are renting so can’t do much insulation wise or change what we have.”

“I can’t understand energy price rises as energy companies must have made a fortune this year and last from people working from home. I know my electricity bill is certainly a lot more and will rise again with the price increase.”

“I have a stove and the difference in the heat since we changed from an open fire is brilliant. The heat stays in the room for hours. It uses way less coal and briquettes than the open fire.”

“It seems like switching provider is the only way to save any money. But then you are tied into a contract. Hard to know whether small changes like unplugging appliances really makes a difference to costs.”

“Just bought hooded blankets for everyone, they are the best job!”

Wearing an extra layer in the house before turning on the heating too!”

Actionable Insights for Energy Suppliers & Switching Services:

  • As well as highlighting just how much parents could save by switching, offering value-added content which shows parents e.g. which appliances use the most amount of energy and how much extra money they could save for the family budget by taking the time to employ energy-saving measures around the home will help build trust.
  • There is a feeling amongst parents that loyalty is not rewarded. Getting consumer insights from this key segment is essential, to help inform them about the reasons for rising costs, as well as the value your company brings and your points of difference as you prepare your next year marketing and comms.
  • Household energy is an unavoidable bill for families but is there a way your company can soften the blow for families feeling hard-hit by rising prices and help to retain them as customers? Parents have told us that they particularly appreciate energy companies with good loyalty schemes. What else can you offer your loyal customers?

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