Bite-Sized Insights: Buying for Family Pets

pets insights

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out where parents make purchases for family pets. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about buying for pets.

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pets insights

We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us where they buy items for their pets and gave them a list of options to choose from. Here’s how they answered:

Any other thoughts on buying for pets?

Comments from our panel members included:

“I used to buy generic dog food from the supermarket but changed to getting a specific kind the vet recommended. It is better value from the pet store than the vets, so I usually buy there.”

Don’t buy cheap food, much better to spend a bit more.”

“I’d like to see a better variety of pet food in supermarkets as I have to go to pet shops to get mine. It would save time and money picking it up in supermarkets.”

“I find it’s best to buy natural products.”

“Depending on what Coco needs it’s different. Her food is from the vets as we can’t get in the pet shop. But we buy treats in the pet shop.”

“I think it’s important to freshen up your pets toys every so often as well as rotating what you feed them.”

“Would love to see more information on what is best for pets when it comes to feeding them.”

“The euro shop is handy for pet purchases.”

Not a lot of selection for pets in stores. Loads online but delivery is expensive.”

Actionable Insights for Pet Supply Retailers:

  • Parents are open to experimentation in terms of the type of food that they purchase for their pets but would like more information. Is your shop highlighting the nutritional benefits of its pet foods to the best of its abilities?
  • In many of our insights surveys we’ve found that parents are very keen to buy goods of all sorts online but are often put off by costly delivery fees. Can your business offer any deals on delivery costs or a free returns service?
  • Is your store leveraging social media to drive traffic to your website? People love to see pets online. Creating video content for an Instagram or Tiktok account showcasing some of your pet toys in action could help spread awareness of your product range.

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