Bite-Sized Insights: Two Thirds of Parents Plan to Holiday in Ireland this Year

Staycations Bite-Sized Insights from Parents lead

Bite-Sized Insights: Two thirds of Parents Plan to Holiday in Ireland this Year

For this week’s bite-sized insights topic, we were interested to find out whether families are planning to holiday in Ireland. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about this.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us about staycation plans. We asked them if they plan to holiday in Ireland this year. Here’s what they answered:

We also asked “What are your thoughts about family holidays in Ireland?” Comments from parents included:

“We love them as we are not to keen on hot sunny weather so Ireland’s climate is perfect. We like to support local produce, we would rather our money stayed in Ireland and we care about the environment and don’t want to use transport like planes unless it was a necessity.”

“Hotels are more expensive than abroad, and generally, you get better value and better weather outside of Ireland.”

“Absolutely love traveling through Ireland. We have travelled the length and breath of the country over the past few years while the kids were small but this year we will take them abroad for our main holiday. We will however take a number of smaller trips throughout Ireland. Irish hotels need to work harder to make this more affordable for families.”

“There are some high quality hotels and activities in Ireland in addition to the beautiful sights, and we like to plan at least a short getaway with the family. There is so much diversity we always find something new and exciting. Unfortunately it can be quite pricey though so we tend to go abroad for our main family break.”

“We have spent the last 3 years holidaying in Ireland and have loved it. We have seen an increase in prices each year however. We are going abroad this year but will do a short break in Ireland over the summer too hopefully.

“We have booked in Ireland after price watching but most holiday options for 2 adults and 2 children are not value for money in Ireland.”

“We are going to Center Parcs, we went last year as well and loved it.”

“The weather can be so hit and miss it makes it difficult. It is also very expensive accommodation wise particularly as the kids get older & eating out is very expensive. I find that families (with small children) are not always welcome in restaurants.”

“Wonderful when the weather is good but it’s extremely expensive. It can be cheaper to go abroad. This year we are getting 10 days in an apartment in Italy for €945, last year 4 nights in a hotel cost in Cork cost €850, for a room!!!


Actionable Insights for the Irish Tourism Industry

  • Offering flexible booking options with simple cancellation and refund mechanisms are more likely to encourage families that are hesitant due to cost-related reasons to book.
  • Look for opportunities to attract holiday makers to stay local. For example, communion season may offer an opportunity to promote packages across April and May and into June for a special treat.
  • Some parents told us they are planning to take a big family holiday abroad but also plan to take smaller breaks to domestic locations. Weekend special packages could be an attractive option for families.

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