Bite-Sized Insights: What Parents Think about Back to School Now

Back to School Sep

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what their thoughts are about school now that they’ve been back to the routine for a month. It turns out there’s a mix of some parents being happy and some parents finding it difficult or being anxious. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what else our trusted panel told us:

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to answer these two quick questions:

1. How many kids going to school do you have?

1 child 34%
2 children 42%
3 children 21%
3+ children 3%

Back to School Sep

Here is a selection of the comments from our panel members:

“I am finding it difficult to arrange childcare and pick up from school.”

“Feel sorry for the kids that can’t mix with other classes where they have friends. Feel sorry for 1st years, very hard for them to make new friends.”

“Somewhat stressed. Multiple drop offs and collections are very time consuming. Kids were sick first week back at school. Worried about virus spreading quickly if someone in school had it.”

“Everything going well, so far so good.

“We are managing the drop offs but are fearful when the school calls. It feels like it’s a matter of time before homeschooling comes again.”

“Worried about COVID and watching for symptoms.”

“Managing multiple drops offs and time in between, concerns with COVID and not wanting another lockdown.”

“The drop offs in the morning were a bit hard at the start as the time is pretty late. I feel more comfortable now with the children in school as I see how it is working well. I’m not sure how things will be however when the cold & sniffle season starts.”

“I’m delighted. Kids needed other people company, routine, friendship and to learn. so far, all going well. Routine helps!”

“On the whole I am glad schools are back and really feel kids need the normality of school, the routine and interaction with their friends. However I am concerned that schools will remain open even at a level 5. I work in a school and whilst strict Covid guidance is followed it is worrying how easily the virus will spread if it’s present in a class . I think greater consideration needs to be made to the wellbeing of school staff in relation to their contact with students especially in secondary schools.”

“There needs to be procedures in place to ensure families are keeping ill students at home or keeping students at home if someone in the house is going for a Covid test or awaiting results.”

“I’m delighted they are back. The difference in their mental health is fantastic. Luckily my two get the bus so we have no drop off issues.”

“All good, thank God.”

“It’s crazy bringing schools back with the virus at such high levels.

“Happy they are back and continuing with their education.”

“I’m delighted that they are back. I understand the risks but we will roll with it and take it each day at a time.”

“Feeling positive. Great to have a routine in place. Children are happier.”

“It has been extremely difficult on all schools to try to balance the health and safety of all staff and pupils, while managing parents concerns and also trying to ensure that they are able to actually teach. Our primary school child is starting school 20 mins earlier and finishing 20 mins earlier which suits us fine. There are two different drop off and collection times so there aren’t too many people there at the same time.”

“The secondary school is a little different, my son can’t use lockers this year so they have to carry around jackets bags etc all day while his friends in a different school have use of lockers which is odd as all schools are getting the same directive but interpreting it differently. My son is also saying that they are freezing in school as all doors and windows need to be open but they can’t continue to do that in the middle of winter at sub zero temperatures surely.”

“I don’t understand why secondary school kids have to wear masks but primary don’t. I don’t have any issues with masks at all if they work then I am more than happy for my kids in primary and secondary to wear them.”

“I really hope we get a vaccine soon and we can get back to some level of normality whatever that is!”

“Managing fine currently as my husband is working from home and is not overly busy so can do the drop offs and collections.”

“We are back in our routine so we are managing fine. I am happy they are back and hopefully there will be no more lockdowns and all our children will stay healthy.”

“All going good so far.”

“3 different drop times and 4 pick up times. Kids seem happy but I dread homework.”

“Difficult to juggle work and school and organising healthy dinners.”

“I’m nervous of my daughter either catching Covid-19 or bringing it home.”

“Great they are back, they need it. Drop offs so far ok as still working from home. Nervous as more exposure but life has to go on and don’t believe kids are the biggest risk. So let’s hope schools remain open and teachers unions don’t jeopardise that.”

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