Bite-Sized Insights: Winter Staycations

insights from parents about winter staycations

Each week we ask our trusted Insights panel of parents a key question. This week we were interested in finding out what their thoughts are about winter staycations. It turns out that lots of parents want to take a break between now and Easter but they are cautious about planning. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what else our trusted panel told us:

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to answer these quick questions:

If restrictions are lifted would you consider booking a staycation e.g. between now and Easter?

  • Determined to get away at some point as it’s been such a stay at home year 32%
  • I’m planning to keep an eye out on special deals for family breaks 28%
  • No I don’t think we will 22%
  • It would depend on family finances 18%

insights from parents about winter staycations

Any thoughts on staycations at the moment?

Comments from our panel members included:

“My daughter has been let down so many times this year, it sometimes feels like I am doing it to her. So need to get away with her even just for a few days.”

“Lovely idea but hoping for summer holiday.”

“As long as it’s safe to leave my county then I would consider heading away for a few days.”

“Not now, not for my family. I’d consider a night away with my husband as we could look after our own safety but it would be too stressful with 3 children. I’m DEFINITELY going away next year as a family now the vaccine is on the way though and can’t wait to pick up a deal hopefully as money is non existent!”

“I have it booked already, need to bring a bit of excitement to the kids after the horrible year and we have had family deaths also, so hard on everyone.”

“I love travelling and holidaying in Ireland and will be doing my best to support those working in the hospitality sector by giving them as much of my business as possible and encouraging others to do likewise.”

“We would love to get away but I’d be quite reluctant to book too far in advance in case the situation changed again. Have had too many cancellations this year!”

“Communion for my eldest boy this year and he wants to stay in a hotel so that will probably be our only holiday for 2021.”

“I won’t over Xmas but hopefully with vaccine early in the New Year things will improve and we can go then.”

“It will all depend for us on what the restrictions are at the time. Yes I want my break but not if the kids can’t use the pool or we have to book every second in advance, I love a good plan / itinerary but it’s too hard to have strict plans with young kids.”

“I think it will depend on the COVID numbers after Christmas. I’ll be keeping and eye out but I’m worried about people forgetting about the pandemic just because it’s Christmas and putting us back months in the process. We went for a few nights in a hotel in July and it was lovely but the numbers were much lower then, so will have to wait and see.”

“To be perfectly honest, I think a night or two away from the kids might be higher up the priority list, when it’s safe to leave them with granny again!”

“I would like to see later in 2021 what the situation is with the figures and the virus before making a decision.”

“I’m afraid of booking something and having to disappoint the kids again. If I was to book something I don’t think I would tell the kids until the very last minute. We might wait until the summer time and see how restrictions possibly ease. Also would be afraid of losing out financially.”

“Money is a bit tight so if we were to go on holiday I might rather wait it out and get some sun elsewhere, unless there is a really good deal somewhere near my home town.”

“I think they’re a bit risky right now and will be after the holiday season but hopefully closer to April/May it might be ok. I’m also hoping the weather will be on our side and we can help support some local jobs that have been soooo badly hit!”

“I’m a nurse and definitely will take a spring break … obviously I’ll be careful and go some place quiet and check out place before hand re Covid precautions at the hotel.”

“I would not feel comfortable booking anything at the moment as I feel even though they have started lifting restrictions at the moment it is very probable that there will be a good chance of future shutdowns. So even if we book something it could end up being cancelled again and then I would have to go to the trouble of trying to get refunds again. I was lucky I got a refund on concert tickets, flights and a hotel stay for the past summer but I feel that I do not want to have to go through that hassle again. If at a time that I would be ready to go on a break away I will probably book it maybe a week or two in advance to be sure. I do feel for all the hotels and restaurants but it is too risky to be booking things in these uncertain times as so many businesses are at risk of closure.”

“Yes would love to but depends on finances. Hopefully some deals will be available.”

“For the safety of myself and all my family I can do without a staycation for another 5/6 months.”

“Maybe later in the year.”

Reflections for Tourism Brands

  • Offering flexible booking options with simple cancellation and refund mechanisms are more likely to encourage families to book.
  • Communion season may offer an opportunity to promote packages across April and May and into June for a special treat.
  • Parents are definitely going to be receptive to special deals on family breaks this year.
  • Consider offers for both family breaks and couple breaks to entice parents.
  • Reinforce your messaging around safety and compliance to address parents’ concerns when it comes to bringing the whole family for a break away.

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