We Asked Parents about Family Grocery Shopping

We ran a two week insights project asking parents their views about their weekly grocery shop. We were curious about their shopping habits, and what makes them loyal (or not) to retailers and brands for their family when it comes to their family weekly food shop.

445 parents answered questions, actively shared their opinions and gave detailed commentary on the topic of their family grocery shopping via an online survey.

We have compiled all the feedback along with key insights and actionable recommendations into one easily digestible report.

Dig into the full results and find out exactly what parents have to say about grocery shopping and food brands in our report. 

insights from parents on grocery shopping

“Used to be very brand loyal and never buy own brand but since the cost of living has risen so much I’ve switched to own brand on most products bar Heinz ketchup and Heinz beans.”

What’s in our report?

In this report you will find:

  1. Key highlights
  2. Demographics about the respondents
  3. The big shop and top-up shops
  4. Preferred ways to shop
  5. Ways parents have sought to reduce weekly food costs
  6. Views from parents on loyalty
  7. Which food brands parents love
  8. How parents approach shop deals and offers
  9. Which kids’ food products/brands they buy regularly
  10. What parents look for when buying kids’ food products
  11. What makes parents try a new kids’ food product
  12. Final thoughts from parents on grocery shopping
  13. Key insights and actionable recommendations
  14. The questions we asked
  15. Appendix with verbatim
Buy our Parents and Family Grocery Shopping Insights Report, available for €500 ex VAT.
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