We ran a one week panel of women around Ireland on behalf of Eason. We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary around buying kids’ books.

We didn’t just get insights about content for our client, but also key learnings about their brand, about opportunities to connect, and what key content will resonate with customers and target customers.

We asked our client to give us feedback about how they found working with ParentsandBrands, this is what they said:

“Working with the ParentsandBrands team made it quick and easy for us to get unique, in-depth feedback from their private, engaged panels. We will be feeding what we learned directly into our strategy for our kids’ books category.

I can definitely recommend ParentsandBrands to any business who needs in-depth insights and feedback from parents, quickly and cost effectively.” – James McCahey, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Eason

We asked our parent panels to answer questions, actively share their opinions and give detailed commentary around buying
kids’ books.

Eason case study

eason case study

Here is some of the feedback from parents:

“I buy children’s books every few weeks, once a month at least. I have three kids and they’re all bookworms so I get them a new book as a treat if they’ve done well in school, helped out at home, etc. I’d also buy books for them as part of their birthday present and Christmas presents.”

“I love that Eason is asking actual customers for their opinions and ideas, and that’s one of the reasons I applied to take part. I would definitely take part again. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”


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