Pion Creator Hears From Parents About STEAM Classes for Kids [Insights Case Study]

We ran a tailored insights project for Pion Creator to get them insight into what parents think about supplementary extra-curricular classes for their child in the area of STEAM.

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Samuel Boediono

“We used the market research in which they gathered feedback from our target audience and provided very useful insights for us to improve and to learn more about our target market. They also helped us in gaining email leads through their marketing channels that we can potentially nurture them to be our customers. We look forward to working together again with them in the future.”

Samuel Boediono, Co-Founder, PionCreator

The Challenge

PionCreator wanted to get some consumer feedback from parents on their attitudes towards online class offerings. In particular, to get feedback on what factors are key to parents when choosing after school classes, how important curriculum supporting/enhancing classes are vs interest areas, as well as specifics around purchasing classes.

The client needed to find out what parents thought, and to drill into consumer opinion on various aspects of online learning and kids.

What We Did

We ran a 2 day panel of 20 parents with children aged 5 to 14 who live in North America. We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary around after school classes for kids.

At the end of the project we delivered actionable insights and recommendations along with anonymised verbatim data that PionCreator could use for further analysis.

What Parents Said

“My daughter takes science and technology. She does them online with tutors and I do some with her too using online websites. They are for her to gain more knowledge and have an advantage when she is older.”

My child has to enjoy taking additional classes on the subject she is interested in first of all. Then her time and class time need to be coordinated. The expense of the classes is important, too.”

“I would prefer to buy in a block. It is more simple to budget and schedule that way.”


As with all our insights projects, this tailored group of parents were happy and willing to give feedback and their opinion. As well as feedback on the PionCreator website and products, the project also delivered key learnings about:

  • What matters to parents when they are choosing after school classes for their child
  • What key messages will resonate for marketing
  • Insight into parents’ views on curriculum based classes
  • What this key group of consumers want
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Would you like these kinds of insights from parents?

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