Even Tricky Subjects Can Become Useful Content for Parents

life and pensions key article

At Mykidstime, we focus on creating and providing parents with useful content and resources to help them with all aspects of family life, from entertaining the kids to running an efficient household. We create content on family budgeting, guides on what to look out for when buying insurance for the family and info about planning for your family’s financial future.

Our Mykidstime article “8 Crucial Things Parents Need to Prepare in Case You Die” is an excellent example of practical content that provides simple solutions to a necessary if sensitive topic.

life and pensions key article

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Our active community of parents regularly provide us with feedback and tell us that they appreciate ideas and enjoy reading articles that help them with all aspects of family life. Mykidstime might not be the first port of call for parents looking for financial and future planning advice, however they have told us that they do find this type of content useful because they see Mykidstime as a trustworthy and reputable brand created for and by parents.

This particular article “8 Crucial Things Parents Need to Prepare in Case You Die”  gives parents a list of practical pieces of planning advice for the event of an unexpected death. It’s not a topic that parents and families like to discuss but it’s a vital one that needs to be explored to ensure a family’s financial security.

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Why This Content Works

1. The tips are straightforward and matter of fact

The article breaks down eight different practical steps every parent should take to prepare for their family’s future in the case that they unexpectedly die. They get straight to the point, the language is simple and easy to understand.

2. It acts as a helpful signpost

At Mykidstime we’re not qualified from a legal standpoint to give definitive financial advice but we can signpost our readers to where they should look for further information on important decisions that all parents need to make to plan for their futures.

3. It serves as a good reminder

Will planning and arranging life insurance are important tasks for parents that tend to get put on the long finger because they are laborious to complete. The list neatly brings together the necessary steps that should be taken, making planning a little easier.

And how do parents feel about life and pensions?

In one of our recent insights studies with parents, we asked them to tell us their thoughts on life assurances and pensions.

One parent said “I had life assurance but had to give it up last year after I had to quit work due to Covid. Would hope to take out life assurance again when it’s financially viable for me.”

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