Why Offering Solutions to Common Problems Yields Excellent Evergreen Content

6 easy hairstyles

On the seasonal topic of ‘Back to School’ our Mykidstime article “6 Easy Hairstyles for School that Will Make Mornings Simpler” is an excellent example of solution-based evergreen content that delivers season after season. Articles that offer different ways to make the school run that little bit easier in the mornings are always popular on Mykidstime.com. When it comes to quickly taming the mane in a way that’s still fun and stylish, parents still want help:

6 easy hairstyles

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Our active and engaged community of articulate parents tell us that they enjoy and appreciate content that offers them new, solution-based ideas to help them with family life. In particular, any content that offers solutions to common problems that come up again and again for parents, tend to do very well on a long term basis. And we have the stats to back up our claims!

This particular article “6 Easy Hairstyles for School that Will Make Mornings Simpler” gives parents a varied list of hairstyle options for kids that are quick and easy to achieve and don’t require any specialist tools or skills to master.

Since its publication back in September 2016, the article has had over 37k views. Our analytics show spikes in page views every year around August/September, indicating that it is content that parents return to for solutions around back to school time.

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Why This Content Works

1. Using “Easy” and “Simpler” in the Title

The words “Easy” and “Simpler” in the title indicate to parents immediately that this content is going to offer them solutions that are not difficult and will help to improve the process of their morning routine with their kids, thus saving time and energy.

2. It’s timeless but also seasonal

Parents will always need solutions to keep their kids’ hair neat and tidy for school, making this article appropriate for any time of year. However, it’s also seasonal, as ‘back to school’ time is usually a time of new beginnings, meaning parents are more inclined to seek out new solutions for old problems.

3. Lists Work

Readers like finite lists, as they offer a range to different solutions and help them to know there’s an end to the content and what to expect.

And how do parents feel about ‘back to school’ spending?

In a recent insights study, we asked parents to tell us their thoughts on ‘back to school’ spending; what is important to them and what they will be spending on for the upcoming school year.

One parent said “I usually do my back to school shopping early to budget. Items like runners, shoes, clothes come last so they will get the wear from them.”

Check out the full details of the ‘back to school’ insights study.

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As the country slowly eases out of tighter lockdown restrictions and parents are starting to plan for the school year ahead, they will definitely be looking for ideas around ‘back to school’ and school life in general.

Back to school Infographic


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