Why Content That Shares Real Experiences for Parents is Paw-some

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On Mykidstime.com, we’re always adding to our extensive and varied collection of lifestyle content for parents around all aspects of family life, and that includes content designed to help with the care of the little fur babies in our lives too! After all, for many of us, family pets become extra beloved members of the family.

Our Mykidstime article “10 Things I Wish I’d Know Before We Got a Family Dog” is a great example of relatable family pets-centred content that appeals to parents looking to take on the responsibility of pet ownership and add some furry friends to the family.

Key article pets

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Mykidstime.com has a large and ever growing community of articulate and engaged parents, who regularly interact us to offer feedback. They’ve told us that they especially enjoy relatable content from like-minded parents that speaks to their own experiences in the home. Deciding to take on the responsibility of a family pet is a big decision and one that many research for a while before taking the plunge.

Read on to find out how our article “10 Things I Wish I’d Know Before We Got a Family Dog” targets parents in pet-research mode directly, addressing key concerns by offering grounded advice from one parent to another.

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Why This Content Works

1. It employs the tried and tested “we tried this, so you don’t have to” formula

The article essentially functions as a testimonial for the generalised experience of getting a family dog and appeals to a natural sense of trepidation. Why venture into the unknown when you can see how someone else got on with it first?

2. It comes from a relatable, trusted source

The article doesn’t just offer generalised advice from an unknown source. It’s written in the first person from one parent to another, offering an extra layer of relatability to its intended audience. It’s directly transparent in saying “I’m a parent just like you, and I know how you’re feeling right now”.

3. Its advice is balanced

On first glance at the title of the piece, you might assume that it will be negative in tone and designed to put parents off getting a dog for a family pet. However, that’s far from the case. It offers some important warnings for consideration, but overall it speaks to the positive impact pets have on the family dynamic.

And how do parents feel about family pets content?

In our recent insights studies with parents, we asked them to tell us where they make purchases for their family pets.

One parent said “I used to buy generic dog food from the supermarket but changed to getting a specific kind the vet recommended. It is better value from the pet store than the vets, so I usually buy there.”

👀 The top viewed family pets lifestyle articles in the last 3 months were:

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📍29.5% of our 3.8m audience on Pinterest are interested in animals & pets.

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