Christmas solved! How providing timely solutions for parents delivers results

christmas content for parents

Christmas. It comes but once a year and yet every December, we scrabble about trying to get everything ready on time to avoid disappointment. On Mykidstime, we’ve found that content that provides solutions that make Christmas planning that little bit easier, always tend to do well, attracting a lot of traffic from parents.

In this article, we’ll take a look one of our most popular Christmas themed Mykidstime blog posts “Hot Toys for Christmas 2020 – Top Predictions” to show how it’s an excellent example of content that provides a specific and timely solution to parents searching for Christmas gift ideas for their kids.

christmas content for parents

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The Mykidstime community is full of articulate parents who are eager to provide us with feedback on our content. In particular, they’ve told us that content that aids  the organisation of recurring family-oriented events like Christmas, birthdays and so on is time-saving, helpful and appreciated. Stats from our content analytics reflect these sentiments, as this type of content consistently performs well for us.

Published in the run up to last year’s Christmas season, this particular article “Hot Toys for Christmas 2020 – Top Predictions” offered parents a list of ‘must have’ toys collected from lists already released by large toy retailers. From its publication up until Christmas Day 2020, the piece received over 20k views.

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Why This Content Works

1. It uses “Christmas” and “toys” in the title

We know that parents start planning for the Christmas season sometimes months in advance. Using the relevant keywords “Christmas” and “toys” helps parents using search engines to begin their Christmas present planning to find us and the content that will help solve their problem easily.

3. It helps parents stay on the cutting edge of what’s cool with kids

If there’s one thing parents know all too well, it’s that kids are quick to change their minds on anything and everything – and that includes what they consider to be the coolest toy of the moment. Indicating that the article was up to date (and even ahead of the curve, since we published it a few months in advance of Christmas 2020) let parents know that the toy recommendations were relevant and timely for the Christmas season of that year.

3. It features toy options targeting different age groups

The article features a list of toys that target different age groups, giving parents options for little ones through to toys and games that the whole family can enjoy together.

And how do parents feel about Christmas planning in general?

In a recent insights study with parents, we asked them to tell us their thoughts on Christmas planning and what is important to them and what they will be spending on from now until the Christmas season arrives.

One parent said “I start making lists after summer or earlier if I see something or know what kids are getting. Will start buying if I know what the kids want and know they won’t change their minds.”

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Christmas planning and shopping

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