How Your Brand Can Nurture Real Influence With Mums

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Are you looking for ways to grow sales for your brand or business? Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions* so what they think and feel is critical to your brand success. Nurturing these key decision makers is a no-brainer! Here is how to nurture real influence with women for your brand:
*Source: Bloomberg and Forbes

Understanding Women Drivers

We don’t mean women behind the steering wheel, we mean understanding what drives women. What makes them consider a product? What or who influences them? What makes them buy something?

Gathering insights from your female customers is the starting point. Delve into that feedback. Get into their mindset. Understand what they want. Understand what delights them. Understand why they trust. Understand their values.

Women Listen To Other Women

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98% of women recommend brands they like to friends and family, according to one of our MyKidsTime surveys (500 parents carried out online in February 2019). Think how effective it would be to have a ready network of women that are invested in your brand because you listened and showed them you listened.

If 10 women tell another 10 women who each tell another 10 women…

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Find Your Passion People

Providing what women want can influence women to become your passionate brand advocates and will bring more leads, sell more and help you to develop products/services they want to buy.

Find your passion people, those early adopters who are willing to share their experiences with other women, so rather than a linear launch process, you can build a launch cycle that leverages those passionate female early adopters.

Check In With Them Regularly

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When was the last time you asked women about an existing product or service that you sell? If sales are sluggish then perhaps there are some tweaks that need to be made.

Maybe consumer expectations have changed over time and what you have been offering isn’t what they want any more. Talk to women regularly to understand what drives them to recommend, what makes them try to influence others.

In the 15 years since we switched home banks I have never had any one from the bank reach out and ask me what I need as a customer, what I would like, where they can help. Maybe if they took more of an interest in communicating with me I might be more passionate about their brand.

Explore What Makes Them Recommend

Celebrity influencers have their place. But what you really need is women influencing other women. Actual customers influencing other prospective customers. Women telling other women is the key.

Exploring what makes women recommend something to another woman and understanding brand trust and expectations means you have the potential to build out referrals.

Tapping into women’s word of mouth means tapping into something extremely powerful, harness that power through insights from women.

Influencing Women To Grow Your Business

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It’s all about developing a deeper understanding of buyer behaviour by talking to women. Then embedding those insights into your product, sales and marketing processes to transform and grow.

If you can influence women to become your passionate brand advocates you will bring more leads, sell more and develop products they want to buy.

By getting insights from women into your products and services, you can be confident you are selling the right thing to them and this can only grow sales.

Would you like these types of insights for your business? Use our panels of engaged women and our dedicated private platform to gather critical insights to help influence women to deliver long term profitability. Contact us now to find how we can help.

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