Consumer insights

Discover why customers behave the way they do and gain valuable feedback.

We work with you to design insights to get right to the heart of what your customers need through a smart blend of tried and tested Mystery Shopping and Consumer Panels.

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Actionable Consumer Feedback

Get honest feedback from your customers to improve the impact positively on your bottom line.

By implementing changes based on data-driven insight, you can expect:

Customer service

  • Improved customer service 
  • Better trust ratings

Increased sales

  • Uplift in sales
  • Learn about potential new categories/products that shoppers want

Products & MESSAGING

  • Ditch what’s not working/selling
  • Hone your communications across your channels to better activate consumers

What's Included

Customer Perceptions and ParentsandBrands will deliver a 4 month project:

Month 1

We work with your team to understand the key areas you want to focus on so we can design the research to optimise the outcomes.

Month 2

We run a Mystery Shopper programme to gain insights into your current performance and delve further into areas for improvement and what is doing well.

Month 3

We run a 2 day panel with 20 consumers asking them 4 in depth questions to help drill into an area of the retail experience that Mystery Shoppers identified as an issue.

Month 4*

We will run a further Mystery Shopper programme for you to measure the effectiveness of any actions/training plans you have put in place based on the results of the consumer panels.
* this may move out depending on business requirements

Project Deliverables

  • Key metrics for your retail mystery shopper experience including intuitive dashboards to benchmark before and after performance
  • In depth report with recommendations based on the qualitative research
  • Verbatim feedback from consumers
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement
  • Potential ideas for future products/services that consumers want
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Potential marketing and communications collateral

Our research projects are fully GDPR compliant.

Both In-store and e-Commerce options available.

Costs & Next Steps

All our packages are tailored to your requirements but to give you an idea here’s an off-the-shelf package:

2 x Mystery Shopper Visits to your Stores (Minimum of 10 stores)
1 x Qualitative Research Panel with 20 consumers and 4 in depth questions
Prices from approx. €7,500 ex VAT

We also offer an E-commerce version of this package where the mystery shopper and research panel focuses on the customer online experience.

Contact us today to arrange your initial discovery call and get your project started.