[INFOGRAPHIC] Clothing Insights from Parents

clothing insights

Despite the fact that we’ve spent a year in pyjamas, lounge wear and trackies, and we’re now allowed out and about again, it turns out that parents still aren’t thinking about updating their wardrobes.

On Mykidstime.com, we provide a wide range of lifestyle content for parents, including content that gives parents ideas around clothing for both them and their children. With the arrival of summer and the easing of lockdown restrictions, we were curious to see how parents were engaging with this type of content. Our content analytics revealed some interesting insights. Read on to find out Clothing Insights From Parents:

clothing insights

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Even though clothing and lifestyle content has been historically quite popular on Mykidstime, our content analytics reveal that the arrival of Covid has changed all of that! We had expected an uptick in traffic to this type of content when it was announced that lockdown restrictions would be eased, but we’ve found that this hasn’t been the case.

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Clothing Insights From Parents

Looking at site traffic data from pre and post Covid, Mykidstime has seen a sharp decline in interest in clothing content. For example:

👚 Comparing data from the three months before Covid hit with data from the last three months of this year, there has been a 92% decrease in views of clothing content.

Though traffic has decreased, there are however, some parents who are still seeking out clothing content:

👀 The top viewed clothing lifestyle articles in the last 3 months were:

  1. Are You Wearing the Wrong Bra Size? Here’s How to Find Your Perfect Fit
  2. New M&S Kids Clothing Range Will Provide Relief from Eczema
  3. 7 Simple Tips for After Pregnancy Style

📍 45.1% of our 6.5M audience on Pinterest is interested in women’s fashion with 11.3% of them interested in men’s fashion.

Clothing insights

It’s always so interesting to see family life reflected in the content views on Mykidstime.com and because we also talk to our engaged community regularly to gather insights and feedback, they trust us and are happy to give us their opinion.

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