From picking up toys to doing the dishes to washing literally loads of clothes every week, household cleaning and laundry occupies a lot of parent time. So what matters to parents when it comes to these laundry and cleaning jobs? We are always curious to know what parents are engaging with on so we did a deep dive into our content analytics. We also asked parents to tell us their thoughts. Read on to find out Insights From Parents on Cleaning and Laundry:

parent and son cleaning

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Useful lifestyle content on Mykidstime is always popular, and household cleaning and laundry tips type content always goes down really well. Parents enjoy a wide variety of articles in this category, everything from tips for removing slime from furniture (!) to tips for organising and streamlining laundry.

We also regularly ask parents for feedback on different topics affecting family life. We gather views from parents through our social media channels, via our email panel list and also with parents talking to them on our dedicated, private ParentsandBrands platform.

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Insights From Parents on Household Cleaning

Here’s what parents looked at on between November 2020 and January 2021 on the cleaning and laundry. We also have some interesting feedback from our trusted panel.

We saw a 73% increase in views on cleaning and laundry content on Mykidstime in the last three months, is this a reflection maybe of being so home-based at the moment?

ūüď≤ The top articles viewed in the last 3 months around household tasks were:

  1. How To Get Slime Off Clothes, Carpet, Sofa, Hair…
  2. 11 Clever Cleaning Hacks Guaranteed To Make Your House Sparkle
  3. 15 Clever Laundry Hacks to Save You Time

We got great engagement on our Facebook page when we asked parents if they do a once-a-week house clean or clean a bit every day, with 32k organic reach and 4k parents engaging.

Cleaning and Laundry Infographic

It’s always fascinating to see family life reflected in the content views on and because we also talk to our engaged community regularly to gather insights and feedback, they trust us and are happy to give us their opinion.

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