At Mykidstime, in addition to offering parents great ideas to keep kids entertained, we’re also committed to providing useful resources to help with all parts of family life and running an effective and happy household. As such, we provide a variety of content that helps with family budgeting, guides on what to look out for when buying insurance for the family and info about planning for your family’s financial future.

To find out what type of content in this area our readers find particularly helpful, we took a deep dive into our content analytics. We also asked parents to tell us their thoughts about life assurance and planning for future retirement. Read on to find out Life and Pensions Insights From Parents:

life and pensions insights

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Life and Pensions Insights from Parents

Here’s what parents looked at on in the last 3 months in comparison to the previous 3 months on the topic of life assurance, pensions and family financial planning. We also have some interesting feedback from our trusted panel on what kinds of insurance policies they currently hold for the family and which ones they are considering taking out in the near future.

🏡 We’ve seen a 27% increase in traffic to our life and pensions content for the last 3 months compared to the previous 3 months.

Our search engine optimised evergreen content that we periodically update to make sure it remains relevant to new readers who find us, attracts steady levels of interest.

👀 The top viewed life and pensions lifestyle articles in the last 3 months were:

  1. 8 Crucial Things Parents Need to Prepare in Case You Die
  2. Tips on Financial Planning for Stay at Home Parents
  3. 10 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Family Insurance

📍We also took a look at our Pinterest analytics and discovered that 20% of our 7M audience is actively seeking information on financial planning, banking and insurance.

Life and pensions insights

It’s always so interesting to see family life reflected in the content views on and because we also talk to our engaged community regularly to gather insights and feedback, they trust us and are happy to give us their opinion.

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