Inside Marketing Podcast Chats with Jill About Changes in Family Life Post-COVID

Inside Marketing podcast

Our co-founder Jill Holtz was recently invited to participate in the Inside Marketing podcast, a podcast and content series brought to you by Dentsu Aegis Network and Irish Times Media Solutions, exploring the issues and opportunities facing the world of media and marketing, with expert input from senior marketing personnel and thought leaders. Podcast host and Chief Strategy Officer of Dentsu Ireland Dave Winterlich talked to Jill about changes in family life post-COVID and what marketers can do to effectively engage this valuable consumer segment.

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Inside Marketing podcast

Following on from our large Post-COVID Family Life survey where we asked parents to imagine family life after the pandemic, Jill shared some of the key insights that we found.

Here is the conversation on the Inside Marketing podcast:

Marketers must be aware of changes in family life to effectively engage parents

Advertising that doesn’t pigeonhole parents and smart communications will win out.

Before Covid-19, things were already changing in Irish family life, with traditional formats giving way to new-look families such as “boomerang” kids returning home, same-sex parents and more stay-at-home dads.

But what does the pandemic mean for the future of the Irish family? Our Family Life survey (March 2021) addressed some key questions about family life in the aftermath of the crisis. It attracted 823 responses across the age spectrum and from various family types living in Ireland.

Read the rest of Jill’s article on the Irish Times website here.

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