AgriGuardian Hears from Parents on Farm Safety

We ran a tailored insights project for early stage company AgriGuardian to get them feedback from parents that were their target consumers in order to help them with validation and development plans.

“As an early-stage company, getting consumer feedback for our planned app is critical, it helps to validate the market as well as feed into our planned tech development.

We asked the ParentsandBrands team to get feedback from parents on their attitudes to risk for their child as well as what they thought of the app.

The level of feedback was really detailed giving us insight into this all important market consumer for us, we’ll definitely be using the feedback for our development plans, and for our marketing and brand strategy.”

James Power, co-founder AgriGuardian

The Challenge

AgriGuardian needed to get consumer feedback for market validation and to help with their planned app developments. In particular would the target consumer like the concept behind the app and the problem it is solving and will they buy and use it.

They needed to find out what parents thought and be able to really get down into the detail of people’s opinions on various aspects of the planned app, from feedback on the name to particular uses of the app to how the app would work in a real life situation.

What We Did

We ran a 2 day panel with parents with kids aged 16 & under, who had smartphones and who either lived on a farm or had regular access to a farm.

We asked them to answer questions, actively share their opinions, review screenshots and messaging, to give detailed commentary around farm safety and their attitudes to it.

At the end of the project we delivered recommendations along with anonymised verbatim data that AgriGuardian could use for further analysis.

What Parents Said

“I think it is a genius idea and I would definitely consider purchasing.”

“Yes I do feel the screens are intuitive, I love the concept.”

“I like the way that it has parental control. I would have no hesitation in buying it / paying the monthly fee.”


As with all our panels, this panel of parents were willing and happy to share opinions and give feedback. As well as insights on the planned app, including screens and functionality, the project also delivered key learnings about

  • subscription and pricing
  • the brand
  • opportunities to connect with target consumers and what key messages will resonate
  • potential uses for the app beyond the initial target segment
  • possible partnerships with other companies and manufacturers

Would you like these kinds of insights from parents?

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