Tappity Uncovers New Content for their Science App For Kids

We ran a tailored insights project for tech company Tappity to get them feedback from parents that were their target consumers in order to help them with validation and development plans. Tappity is the #1 Educational Science App for kids aged 4-10. Based in California, the Tappity team believe that a deeper understanding of science leads to a more prosperous world.

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“As creators of a science education app, it was fascinating to find out how parents make buying decisions for apps for their children. The ParentsandBrands team not only quickly gathered this feedback but drilled into other areas which will inform our content and marketing strategy as we plan and grow our business.I would recommend any tech co. that wants cost effective, actionable insights from parents to contact ParentsandBrands.”

Lawrence Tran, co-founder Tappity

The Challenge

Tappity needed to get feedback from parents to help them with their planned app development. In particular what type of science content their child would enjoy and what ideas and suggestions parents had for future content. They also wanted to find out what influences app download behaviour, where parents find out about apps that their child uses and to understand more to inform their strategy.

What We Did

We ran a one week panel of parents who had children aged 5-12.

We asked them to answer questions, actively share their opinions, review creative options for advertising and to give detailed commentary around buying their child and what apps they use, how they choose apps and what content their child might like.

At the end of the project we delivered recommendations along with anonymised verbatim data that Tappity could use for further analysis.

What Parents Said

“I have recommended a few apps to my sisters and other parents, most of them have been free to download and most of them would have been educational. A few apps would have been recommended to me but not paying apps. Maybe Tappity will be the first.”

“Apps that can downloaded on the phone are very handy to have on hand at all times rather than having to open web page, log in, remember password, etc.”


As with all our panels, this panel of parents were willing and happy to share opinions and give feedback. As well as insights on content for the Tappity app, the project also delivered key learnings about

  • what messaging and creative Tappity should opt for
  • the brand
  • opportunities to connect with target consumers and what key messages will resonate
  • content ideas for Tappity’s marketing
  • possible partnerships to reach their target audience

Would you like these kinds of insights from parents?

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