[INSIGHTS REPORT] Parents Cautiously Optimistic About Family Wellbeing in 2022

family wellbeing report

This month we ran a two week insights project asking parents about family wellbeing.

We were curious to find out more about how parents approach looking after their family’s physical and mental wellbeing. How they would describe their family’s wellbeing, how they and their children exercise, if they use any technology, and more.

Read on to get some of those Insights into Parents and Family Wellbeing and to download our free mini highlights report.

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What You’ll Find in Our Highlights Report on Parents and Family Wellbeing

To gather these insights we ran an online survey on Mykidstime.com in January 2022 with 169 responses from parents and an in-depth insights panel carried out on our ParentsandBrands private platform, also in January 2022 with 53 panel participants.

What We Asked Parents About Family Wellbeing

Here’s a peek at of some of the key questions we asked parents about family wellbeing:

  1. Where have you sought advice on family wellbeing in the last 12 months?
  2. What technology, if any, do you use to look after your family wellbeing and why?
  3. How would you describe your family’s wellbeing as we go into 2022 vs the last year?
  4. Thinking of health insurance, what cover are you likely to seek in the next 12 months?

A Selection of the Feedback from Parents on Family Wellbeing:

“Early last year was very tough and later in the year we had a bereavement but we’ve started this year a little more positive and determined to be proactive about both our mental health and physical health by committing to some healthy eating goals and both physical exercise clubs and starting some creative hobbies of each family members’ choice… looking forward to our 2022 adventure.”

“We bring kids for regular walks with our dog and have long chats. Keep a diary. Chat regularly with friends by phone and share positive news via social media.”

“My child plays with friends regularly (outside these days due to COVID-19), he also attends a musical theatre class weekly as this is his preferred social activity.”

“We get out of the house in the fresh air as much as possible and also try not to dwell too much on the current situation.”

“My family’s wellbeing is cautiously optimistic as we go into 2022 compared to 2021. We are all vaccinated and boosted to ensure we don’t contract COVID. We look forward to Ireland and the world opening up and seeing travel and hospitality open up to pre-COVID levels.”

Download the Highlights Report for Actionable Insights

For a snapshot of insights from parents on family wellbeing with some highlights of what they were telling us and recommendations for brands and businesses, download our free mini highlights report below on Parents and Family Wellbeing.

Download Our Free Highlights Report

family wellbeing report

Ready for more?

This free version of the report contains just a few quick highlights. If you’re interested in viewing the full, in-depth version of the Parents and Family Wellbeing Insights Report, including full appendices of verbatim responses from our survey and panel participants, this report is available to buy.

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