We Asked Parents About Parents and Family Wellbeing

We ran a two week insights project asking parents about their family’s wellbeing. We were curious to find out more about how parents would describe their family’s wellbeing, how they and their children exercise, if they use any technology, and more..

223 parents answered questions, actively shared their opinions and gave detailed commentary on the topic of their family’s wellbeing via an insights panel and an online survey.

We have compiled all the feedback along with key insights and actionable recommendations into one easily digestible report.

Dig into the full results and find out exactly what parents have to say about family wellbeing in our report. 

Family Wellbeing

“Last year we had a rough ride. We are now all eating well and are keeping fit with our new treadmill which we purchased recently. Well-being is important.”

What’s in our report?

In this report you will find:

  1. Executive summary and key trends
  2. Demographics about the respondents
  3. Family wellbeing – now vs last year
  4. Where parents get advice on family wellbeing
  5. What technology parents are using to manage family wellbeing
  6. How familes are approaching their mental health
  7. How families are exercising
  8. What health insurance cover parents are looking for
  9. What vitamins and supplements families are using
  10. Family wellbeing and eating habits
  11. Key insights and actionable recommendations
  12. Appendices with verbatim
Buy our Parents and Family Wellbeing Insights Report, available for €500 ex VAT.
family wellbeing infographic