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Key Insights and Actionable Recommendations

Families are planning on spending on days out this year, but they are generally a price sensitive segment, particularly if they have more than 2 kids, so look at how you can price offers or discounts or consider adding seasonal or annual passes to appeal to this market.

If you cater for different ages and have active elements at your attraction/venue communicate this in your marketing, as after price, these are the most important factors for parents.

Look at ways to offer added value for a variety of ages; family trails, quizzes, scavenger hunts and outdoor games are a great way to involve different ages in activities and once created, can be used again and again.

Picnic options are popular with families who like to do a mix of bringing their own food and buying top up snacks at the place they are visiting. Providing space and picnic benches to offering healthier snack options and pre-booked picnic items could help bring new visiting families to you.

Parents will travel up to 2 hours from home to a venue for a family day out. Ensure you are marketing to surrounding counties as well as in your local area.

Understanding more about what parents want and need and ultimately helping them to make good choices for their family is key to success with this highly influential segment. We can help with this.

Highlight family friendly features you have available including buggy suitability, toilets, shop, café, seating areas, covered areas and any other ways that you make it a pleasure for families of all ages to visit.

Could you team up with other attractions in your area to offer special family deals to attract more people to your locality?