Making Useful Content Free to Attract Parents to Your Brand

free coronavirus books for kids

On the topic of Family Health our Mykidstime article “Get Your FREE Copy of Coronavirus: A Book for Children” is a strong example of useful content that drives action. Find out how making useful content free can attract parents to your brand:

free coronavirus books for kids

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Our engaged and very articulate community tell us that they appreciate ideas and enjoy reading articles that help them with family life. Our regular reviews of Google Analytics shows continued strong views for this type of content, that is, any content around family health, showing that parents appreciate content that helps them in these area.

This particular article “Get Your FREE Copy of Coronavirus: A Book for Children” is all about how parents can access a special book that was prepared when COVID arrived, something they could use to read with and talk to their children.

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Why This Content Works

1. People Like FREE Things!

Yes, it’s true. Parents are people and people like free things. A free book that is potentially useful to a parent is worth clicking to find out more about.

2. It’s Helping to Solve a Problem

In our experience with Mykidstime content, parents want content that helps them solve a problem. In this case, how to talk to your child about the pandemic.

3. Action Word in the Title

There’s an action word in the title “Get” – don’t just think about it, here’s how to take action.

And how do parents feel about Family Health?

We asked parents to tell us their thoughts on family health. One parent said “I usually buy supplements but find our kids won’t take them. Try to keep them active and get fresh air.”

In our recent Insights studies with parents, we asked their views on family health.

We have seen a 51% rise in views of getting active content – perhaps reflecting the change in lifestyles, more home working and being less active, and having spent more time indoors during lockdown.

We got great engagement on our Facebook page when we shared the free book details “Get Your FREE Copy of Coronavirus: A Book for Children”, with 21k organic reach and over 900 parents engaging.

Family Health Infographic

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