Marketing Institute of Ireland In Conversation With ParentsandBrands

marketing institute of ireland

The Marketing Institute of Ireland hosts an “In Conversation With” series, which recently featured our co-founder Jill Holtz. The series aims to share experiences, insights and advice with peers so we can all learn from one another. It features conversations with members across various sectors. This series is about understanding how they and their teams have adapted their strategies throughout the pandemic, what they have learned from it, and how they prepare to return to the new normal.

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marketing institute of ireland

Marketing Institute of Ireland In Conversation with ParentsandBrands

For the feature in the regular Marketing Institute of Ireland series, Jill was asked how the last 12-15 months have impacted and shaped the business.

“The digital advertising market for disappeared overnight and took a long time to pick back up again. Fortunately we were in the process of launching this new online consumer insights service, ParentsandBrands.

In terms of how the last 12-15 months have changed how we work with clients, it’s been a boon for our business to move to online meetings, being based in Galway.”

How the last year of business went

Asked what work she was most proud of from the last year, Jill cited the insights projects that we ran for SSE Airtricity, Eason, AgriGuardian and a number of other businesses and brands.

How did the team adapt to the new way of working? “Because we always facilitated family-friendly flexible work from home for the team, and we have employees in different locations remote working, not too much changed on that front. It was more a case of the rest of the working world doing what we already did!”

Jill says that she would love to keep online meetings and online networking opportunities in the future.

Finally she was asked “What brands or businesses do you admire most when you reflect on the last 12-15 months?” Find out who Jill mentioned and read the full interview here.

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