When It Comes to Family Days Out Parents Want to Keep it Outdoors

family days out

On the topic of Family Days Out, we recently carried out a survey with parents to find out what are the important factors for them when it comes to their plans for the rest of the year.  In the wake of COVID-19, and with summer just around the corner, unsurprisingly the most important aspect of planning days out for the family was that they be outdoors if possible.

Our Mykidstime article “10 Top Picks for Delightful Days Out Near Dublin” is an excellent example of creating useful content that appeals to a topical interest with your audience.

family days out

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Our active community of parents regularly provide us with feedback and tell us that they appreciate ideas and enjoy reading articles that help them with all aspects of family life. Family excursion ideas in general are always popular on Mykidstime.com as busy parents are forever looking for new ways to engage with their kids in their free time and keep them entertained.

But right now, after over a year of being cooped up in the house and with the threat of COVID-19 still present in indoor spaces, parents are now eager more than ever to find outdoor COVID-19 friendly family fun. These sentiments are reflected in our content analytics, which show continued traffic to and engagement with this type of content. In particular, content highlighting local attractions and events always do well.

This particular article “10 Top Picks for Delightful Days Out Near Dublin”  gives parents a list of places to visit with the family in or around Dublin. Each of these places offer fun outdoor activities suitable for families.

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Why This Content Works

1. It is specific and image heavy

The article gives links to each of the listed attractions as well as showcasing imagery from each place, highlighting the outdoor nature of the attractions. These immediately indicate to parents that they can rest a bit easier where COVID-19 safety is concerned, should they choose to visit any of these locations.

2. Using “Near Dublin” in the Title

Including a specific location in the title shows parents straight away that this content might be of interest to them if they live near Dublin. It also gives suggested driving distances from Dublin to give readers an idea of how long it will take to drive to these locations. It’s always good to be as specific as you can to the potential reader to let them see quickly if this is for them or not.

3. Helping Parents With a Specific Solution

Parents can see right away that this article is going to give them ideas of potentially suitable places to visit.

And how do parents feel about family days out options?

In our recent insights studies with parents, we asked them to tell us their thoughts on options for family days out and what is important to them.

One parent said “It would be super handy to have a good range of food options that are not just chips and burgers from a van. And good coffee is essential for days out with kids.”

Check out the full details of the Family Days Out Options insights study.

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family days out

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