Our Research Shows Parents Say ‘Yes’ to Supermarket Offers and Loyalty Schemes

insights on grocery shopping

ParentsandBrands research and analysis is always right at the forefront of what parents are thinking about, dealing with and reacting to family life. We ask parents regularly to give us feedback on what their views are and what is affecting them now, as can be seen by our recent topical piece in the Irish Examiner. Read on to find out more and why our research shows that parents do want offers and loyalty schemes for grocery shopping:

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We happened to see a tweet by the News Editor of the Irish Examiner saying that some research commissioned by Aldi found half of Irish shoppers claimed to have intentionally overspent, shopped more frequently or bought something they didn’t need to qualify for supermarket money-off vouchers.

It also showed 46% of shoppers surveyed agreed that ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘three for two’ sale offers lead them to spend more, with 30% of shoppers believing supermarket loyalty schemes and money-off vouchers also lead them to waste food.

Our own research with over 800 parents, all key household grocery shoppers, contradicts these findings quite a bit.

We found that parents are feeling the pinch from price rises on their weekly food shop, particularly larger families with more kids to feed, and that they are actively searching for ways to save on their weekly shop as prices rise.

Insights From Parents About Grocery Shopping and Offers

  • Just under one-third (31%) of parents now choose where they shop based on vouchers they receive
  • 23% mentioning using their supermarket’s app for deals
  • 28% of parents said they have started shopping around more compared to last year
  • When it comes to switching the main supermarket they used, 71% said offers would encourage them to change where they do their main grocery shop
  • Half of parents (49%) said price increases would make them switch
  • 31% cited either a new loyalty scheme or new store nearby as a reason to switch

Read more in our article in the Irish Examiner, “Cost of Living: Irish parents switching supermarkets to save money on the weekly shop”.

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insights on grocery shopping

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