We’re Partnering With Innovate Solutions To Get Even More Insights

announcement of partnership logos

We’re really pleased to announce we are joining forces with Innovate Solutions for a unique partnership to really delve into women’s consumer behaviour and tastes. Each month we’ll be releasing joint reports on consumer trends that women have given us feedback and insights on. Look out for the first one on Food Trends, launching next week!

announcement of partnership logos

The Innovate Solutions team has been making sense of consumer tastes in the food and beverage categories for the past 20 years. They measure multi-sensory touchpoints to understand the total consumer experience; enabling clients to optimise their product development processes.

We’ve been talking to our trusted panels of women using our private online platform to get feedback on their views and experience with brands and products.

“The partnership with MyInsightsOnTime offers a unique proposal for businesses to really delve into the minds of their consumers and aid business decisions from product and service development through to marketing”, Aidan Murphy, Innovate Solutions

Be one of the first to see what women have to say when you sign up here to receive our regular insights direct to your mailbox, beginning with Food Trends.

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