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Use tailored parent insights to inform your next business decision.

Your Unique Parent Research Platform

ParentsandBrands is a unique digital qualitative insights platform. We are completely different to traditional market research companies.

Knowing your consumers and understanding why they make the purchasing decisions they do is the most valuable information for your business to have. The engagement rates for market research have been falling for decades. So, it’s time to rethink how to inform the decisions you make.

Research is mostly about measuring. It’s much better at looking back than forward. Insights, on the other hand, are all about anticipating – getting insights that will inform actions that lead to far more successful outcomes.

Parents control between 70% and 100% of all purchasing, depending on the category. For themselves, as individuals, as well as for their families, their parents, siblings and friends.

And the 6M parents on our platform willingly allow us to mine insights with them for no reason other than that they want to. They want to give feedback to help improve products and services, they want to connect with businesses and brands who want to listen to them as consumers.
Unlike research companies, we don’t pay our respondents. That’s because we believe that paying people to participate in research compromises their independence. Our parents are not being paid, so they feel that they can be totally honest about their opinions.

This also means a lower cost for brands and businesses to get the insights they need, without having to pay attendance fees or incentives.

With the ParentsandBrands platform, there is none of the damaging ‘group effect’ that you get so often with traditional research. Our respondents respond as individuals, without being influenced by the loudest voices in a focus group. So, not just more honest responses but far more accurate too.

Our platform is also unique because it allows for an iterative discovery process: you can really easily adapt the questions you ask over the course of the project. Again, totally different to traditional research where the ‘topic guide’ is set in stone and the only way you can ask new questions is to do new research.

Connect Directly To Your Unique Parent Panel

We recruit and run tailored panels to engage directly with your brand,
unlocking insights to help you make better business decisions.

Insights Tailored For Your Business

Parent Panels

Get in-depth feedback from consumers to help your business make better decisions, optimise your marketing spend, launch new products and services with confidence.


Find out from a wider cohort of parents exactly what they think via tailored online surveys run on including quantitative and qualitative questions.

Insights Reports

Access valuable insights on a variety of sectors and consumer buying behaviour topics including anonymised verbatim to let you see what parents really think of you and your competitors.

Email Panels

Ask our parent panel a key question to help you get a quick sense check on a topic of your choice with anonymised answers delivered back to you within a week.

Marketing Expertise

With 15 years’ of experience of marketing to parents, we use that knowledge for each client project. Each report contains key insights and actionable recommendations to implement.

Client Area

Your unique space with a view on project progress, access your own insights as well as other relevant reports, and a real-time view on what parents are saying.

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