Presenting Parents with Problem Solving Ideas is a Winner

property and home content

On, we’re always adding to our extensive and varied collection of lifestyle content for parents, including property and home content that gives parents ideas around how to renovate and decorate rooms in their homes, our go-to cleaning hacks, as well as storage tips to help keep the home clean and tidy.

Our Mykidstime article “10 Excellent Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget” is a great example of home and family space-centred content that appeals to parents looking for ideas on how to spruce up and individualise their kids’ living spaces.

property and home content

Would you like tailored insights for your brand? Use our trusted panels of engaged parents and our dedicated private platform to gather critical insights to help your decision making and activate customers. Contact us now to find how we can help has a large and ever growing community of articulate and engaged parents, who regularly interact us to offer feedback. They’ve told us that they appreciate inspirational content and enjoy reading articles that offer them useful ideas, tips and tricks around parenting. They’ve told us that they particularly appreciate the far-ranging variety of topics we cover that appeal to both children and their care-givers.

Read on to find out how our article “10 Excellent Kids Bedroom Ideas on a Budget” particularly appeals to parents and meets the credentials they are looking for when regarding content that helps with family life.

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Why This Content Works

1. Yes, it’s a list! But here’s why list-based content works

As human beings, we love a good list! Indicating the number of items that will be on the list makes the article title even more attractive to potential readers because parents can gauge immediately how long it will take them to read the article if they find its topic appealing.

2. It works for both parents and children

This particular article is very image heavy and gives problem-solving lots of ideas about decorating kids’ spaces. Parents can view it together with their children, giving kids both inspiration and a say in how their rooms are decorated.

3. Using the word “budget” in the title is eye-catching

Budget concerns are one of the reasons that parents put off sometimes much needed renovation work in the home. Indicating to parents that the article will provide decoration ideas that won’t break the bank helps to catch budget-conscious parents’ attention and boost the likelihood that they will click through to the article.

And how do parents feel about property and home content?

In our recent insights studies with parents, we asked them to tell us if they’re planning to make any improvements to their homes in the next year.

One parent said “We are currently saving to do more home improvements. We’ve saved so much not being able to go out and do things the past year.”

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Property and Home content

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