Quick Turnaround to Gather Consumer Insights on Electricity for SSE Airtricity [Insights Case Study]

We ran a tailored insights project for energy company SSE Airtricity to get them feedback from parents to help them develop a deeper insight into electricity offers for the home and attitudes to SMART energy.

insights study SSE Airtricity

“In a digital world, getting insights from a digital community, delivers fast insights and taps into a key cohort of engaged consumers. ParentsandBrands delivered those insights quickly, enabling us to solidify our approach and build confidence in our position in a new product category.”

Victoria Groom, Head of Marketing, SSE Airtricity

The Challenge

SSE Airtricity needed a quick turnaround on consumer feedback to inform product builds in a new category. In particular, to understand receptiveness to offers and parents’ opinions on Green energy.

The client needed to find out what parents thought, and to drill into consumer opinion on various aspects of home energy use.

What We Did

We ran a 2 day panel of 20 parents around Ireland aged 25-55 who paid their own electricity bills.

We asked them to answer questions, share their opinions and give detailed commentary about electricity in the home.

At the end of the project we delivered actionable insights and recommendations along with anonymised verbatim data that SSE Airtricity could use for further analysis.

From initial client briefing to delivery of results, the project took 3 weeks.

What Parents Said

“I think we try our best not to waste electricity. I suppose the washing machine would be a regular user, it normally goes on in the evening. There has been an increase in device use over the past year between remote learning and working from home.”

“It would be better to incentivise green energy usage rather than have higher costs associated with it. Maybe a levy on the standard electricity charge that subsidises green energy options / investment would be a better idea.”

“Things like shopping vouchers or free tv for example are nice extras but not the main reason for moving to a new provider.”


As with all our insights projects, this tailored group of parents were happy and willing to give feedback and their opinion. As well as feedback on electricity offers the project also delivered key learnings about:

  • Appliance use in the modern home
  • Insight into parents’ views on Green energy
  • What SMART energy means to this key group of consumers
  • What key messages will resonate for marketing

Would you like these kinds of insights from parents?

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