Bite-Sized Insights: 4 out of 5 Families Have Not Yet Retrofitted For Home Energy Improvements


Bite-Sized Insights: 4 out of 5 Families Have Not Yet Retrofitted For Home Energy Improvements

For this week’s bite-sized insights topic, we were interested to find out about parents and retrofitting. Take a quick read of this week’s bite-sized insights to find out what parents are saying about improving their home’s energy efficiency.

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We asked our Insights panel of parents to tell us about  retrofitting their homes. Here’s how they answered: 


We also asked “Any other thoughts on retrofitting or making your home more energy-efficient? Comments from parents included:

“I’m currently exploring the costs and grants available to install solar panels. The latest electricity bill gave me one hell of a shock!!!!”

“Very hard to see what grants are available and then feels like you have to shell out thousands to reclaim. Doesn’t seem affordable to the average house.”

“Our home is only 3 years old, but we would love to install solar panels with a battery, depending on cost. Also, interested in installing a home car charger for the future, if we purchase an EV, again depending on cost. At the moment, the cost is prohibitive unfortunately.”

“I have availed of SEAI grants to improve heating and insulation but the financial supports for solar pv panels aren’t substantial enough for me to make that move even though my house is perfectly positioned for it.

“Think there should be more grants to assist home owners to become more energy efficient.”

Actionable Insights for Energy Service Companies

  • Help parents to easily see what costs and savings are possible with simple calculator tools to work out approximate costs and savings depending on the type of their house, etc. 
  • Affordability is a key issue for families, can you team up with a finance company to help with the initial outlay or to offer flexible payment plans? 
  • Want to find out exactly what it is parents want when it comes to buying retrofitting and energy efficiency services? We can help! Contact us to start your parents insights journey.

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