On the topic of buying for baby, we asked parents to tell us their views and to give us feedback on what is important to them, where they buy products for their baby and what their thoughts are on different baby brands. Read on to find out more about Insights into Parents and Buying Baby Products and to download our free report.

parents feedback on babies and pregnancy

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This month’s Insights report gives feedback from parents and insights into their views on buying baby products. To gather this, we carried out an online survey as well as an online focus group.

Key Insights from Parents on Buying Baby Products

Online Survey carried out on Mykidstime.com in January 2021 with 164 responses from parents and an Online Focus Group carried out on our ParentsandBrands private platform in January 2021 with 18 panel participants.

Key Insights

62% of parents say that a recommendation from another parent is what influences them most when it comes to buying general baby products.

The top five factors that are important to parents when it comes to buying equipment for their baby are:

  1. It’s been recommended by another parent 56%
  2. It’s within budget/price 45%
  3. It’s a brand I already know 42%
  4. It’s been recommended by a health professional 31%
  5. I have been able to test or try it out 25%

Only 11% of parents would go to a brand website to purchase baby products whereas 38% will go to an online website with many brands.

A Selection of the Feedback from Parents

“Online shopping is a lifeline for a mum with two young children and another on the way. If I need some new products for baby I will do my pricing online and order from local shops if possible.”

“I personally buy baby products based on reviews and recommendations. I like a retailer that has all the detailed product info under the item as some don’t always have this. A good description with lots of info and sizing helps a lot.”

“Our baby is our first, but both my husband and I have siblings who have children. Most of the advice and ideas came from them. Friends of ours were also expecting at the same time so we would discuss products.”

“I was given a wooden ladybird design back massager by my friend and it was such a lovely and thoughtful gift. I bought Bio Oil for myself when pregnant. Best baby product I bought was the Tommee Tippee Electric Bottle Steriliser.”

“We shop with Tesco mostly as we find the best value for money. However I would keep an eye out for Baby events, and other baby offers. Our baby suffers from dry skin, so we opted to go for water wipes and we have found Dunnes to have great value on these during their baby event.”

“I bought myself a pregnancy pillow and I would recommend it to any pregnant person. I couldn’t have done without it during my pregnancy. We were given a lot of baby skin care products as gifts, most of which haven’t been used yet. We were also given Gro bags which we couldn’t do without, and I would recommend investing in.”

Key Recommendations for Brands and Retailers

  • Parents and parents to be actively seek and are heavily influenced by recommendations from friends, family and online. Are you asking your customers to review your baby products or services and using those on your marketing materials?
  • Baby events help to attract new customers who may spend in other areas of your store. Be sure to plan and advertise your baby events locally and nationally.
  • 31% of parents said they purchased products for their baby on the recommendation of a health professional. How can you work with health professionals in the baby sector to get them recommending your products or services?
  • Online shopping is a norm now, especially through the pandemic, is your website the best it can be? Have you got detailed product descriptions, plenty of images, video demos? Make sure you have an easy returns policy and process as parents like to try before they commit, especially for larger items.

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ParentsandBrands Insights from Parents about Baby Products

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